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Bulletin Board Ideas & Designs for School, Office and Your Room

Bulletin Board Ideas & Designs - Bulletin Board Ideas & Designs for School, Office and Your Room

Summer Bulletin Board Ideas

Summer bulletin board ideas can be very meaningful and useful to students since you can make use of the theme to convey various messages to them and meanwhile cultivate good values in them. Some great ideas include the picnic theme, holiday theme, as well as the summer vision theme.

Bulletin Board Ideas For Summer

Bulletin boards are an effective way to communicate information in a fun and interesting manner. They are not only practical, but bulletin boards also serve to add splashes of colour and decoration to any classroom. Whether the students are actually present for classes during the summer doesn’t necessarily matter, as long as you can get students involved via a summer-themed bulletin board.

Summer Bulletin Board Ideas

One idea for a summer bulletin board is to incorporate a picnic theme into the design. There should be a large, checkered tablecloth section, green paper for grass and blue paper for the sky. Hand out paper plates to students, and make sure the plates are either big or small enough that they can all fit on the checkered section of the bulletin board. Students should make a collage on their plate of their favourite foods, and they should also put their name on the plate. When the students are finished, paste or staple the plates onto the checkered section of the bulletin board.

Summer Bulletin Board Ideas 2

Another idea for a summer-themed bulletin board is to design it around a holiday such as the 4th of July. Use black paper for a night’s sky, glue and coloured glitter. Let your students make patterns on the black paper with the glue, and then sprinkle the glitter over the glue so that it looks like fireworks going off in the dark. This bulletin board is appropriate for closing out the school year and reminding students that summer vacation is coming up, so they have a long break to look forward to.

Summer Bulletin Board Ideas 3

Older children and teenagers often have several occasions for summer parties with friends. Teach general summer safety with a luau-themed bulletin board. Cover a bulletin board with green paper, and paste or staple a grass hula skirt to the bottom of the board. Find these at party stores. Cover the board with Hawaiian-themed images, including flip-flops. On each flip-flop, write a summer safety idea. Again, older students can help research ideas for summer safety. At one corner of the board, staple a small basket that contains several leis for students to take home with them. On each lei, staple a piece of summer safety advice.

Summer Reading Bulletin Board Ideas

A stepping-into-summer bulletin board theme can be created using the footprints of the kids in the classroom. Use a tan background to represent sand or create blades of grass with green construction paper. To create footprints, paint the bottom of the children’s bare feet with nontoxic craft paint. Press their feet onto the paper background before it’s placed on the wall. Having the bulletin board resemble a pool is also a great idea when using footprints. If using the pool theme, create a few beach balls and pool noodles out of construction paper to accent the theme. Set up a foot-washing station for kids after they’re done.

Summer Bulletin Board Ideas For Preschoolers

A visions-of-summer bulletin board captures everything related to summer. The kids can help design the bulletin board by creating something to place on the board. Items to place on the bulletin board can be sand buckets, flip-flops, a barbecue grill, watermelon, bathing suits and anything else that captures the feel of summer.

Summer Bulletin Board Ideas 1

Food And Nutrition Bulletin Board Ideas

Food and nutrition bulletin board ideas are an effective way to convey health messages to children or even adults. Various designs ideas are available and you may also incorporate your own creativity in making a great bulletin board in school.

Food Nutrition

Learned eating habits are a contributing factor to the rapidly growing problem of childhood obesity in America. Implementing a nutrition program in the classroom is a positive way to improve eating habits. Using a bulletin board filled with nutrition ideas is an active method of instruction to help students realize the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Food And Nutrition Bulletin Board Ideas

Create a bulletin board with a multicolour coded striped pattern like the food pyramid found at mypyramid.com. Build a three dimensional bulletin board as part of your educational program. Students interact with your nutrition bulletin board and will retain memories about ideas for healthy living.

Food Nutrition And Health

Design your health care notice board around national health observances by showcasing outreach information on cancer, heart disease, alcohol abuse and a wide range of public health issues. An abundance of high quality posters, hand-outs, brochures and topic sheets are free and available from hundreds of health care organisations. A health care notice board featuring these free or low-cost materials will provide educational information to the public that might not be seen otherwise.

Food Nutrition And Wellness

The food pyramid represents the basic building blocks of a healthy diet. While the traditional food pyramid was divided into horizontal sections, the current version has vertical lines. The advantage of using a food pyramid instead of simply separating foods by food groups is that students can see how much importance they should place on each of the food groups.

Healthy Food Nutrition

Moreover, you may also decorate a bulletin board on the topic of the value of a healthy breakfast. Staple green poster board paper on the board as your background. Cut out construction paper in the shape of bananas, apples, pears, oranges and other healthy foods. Write facts about breakfast health on these fruit and vegetable shapes. Showcase pictures of a healthy breakfast, such as a bowl of granola with fruit or a strawberry smoothie on one side of the board. Feature pictures of bad breakfast choices, such as a sweet roll or sugar-laden cereals on the other side of the board. Cut out a few red X from construction paper and staple these on top of the “bad” foods, so the children can clearly distinguish a good choice from a bad one.

Nutritional Food For Children

Childhood obesity is on the rise, creating concerns that unhealthy eating habits will continue to be a lifelong problem for this generation. Nutrition instruction, healthy lifestyle habits, and increased awareness will educate and prepare young people.

Monkey Bulletin Board Ideas

Monkey bulletin board ideas tend to be attractive and funny in the eyes of kids. Some great ideas for this theme include the “Don’t be a Monkey” idea, banana monkey idea, as well as the jungle monkey idea.

Monkey Bulletin Board Ideas 1

Monkeys have a reputation, scientifically and culturally, for being curious. However, you do not need to resort to the tired theme of the curious little monkey in the yellow raincoat in order to have an entertaining monkey bulletin board.

Monkey Bulletin Board Ideas For Teachers

Monkeys are notorious for mimicking those around them. Send your Sunday school students the message to stand up, transform their minds and do what is right. On a bulletin board lined in light blue paper, staple a large monkey cut from brown paper. This monkey should have one arm reaching up with his finger scratching the top of his head. Staple a large, black question mark cut from paper above the monkey. In red lettering, staple the words “Don’t be a monkey” across the top and “Transform your mind to be like Jesus” across the bottom.

Monkey Bulletin Board Ideas 2

Create a theme of curiosity about learning for your class with a bulletin board that states “Our Class is as curious as a Bunch of Monkeys” across the top. Make up and print questions having to do with important concepts your class will learn in the coming year. Place these how and why questions such as “Why do hurricanes form?” or “How do immigrants become citizens?” on paper cut-out bananas in various places around the bulletin board. Print out or purchase monkey faces on which to write your students’ names and place these on the board too.

Monkey Bulletin Board Ideas

You may also use paper to make long vines to crisscross your bulletin board. Add a title that states “Swinging into a New Year” and place monkey shapes, swinging from their tails, spread evenly over the vines. Give each monkey the name of one of your new students by making small name labels to stick on the monkeys. During the first week of school, have students write a hope that they have for the new school year on a paper banana shape. Attach the bananas so that it appears that each monkey is holding one.

Monkey Bulletin Board

Use a jungle theme to show what you appreciate about students, and to let students show what they appreciate about each other. Decorate your bulletin board so it looks like a jungle, with trees and vines. Add happy monkeys around the board and post the words “We are bananas about you.” Keep a stack of pre-cut bananas on hand, and encourage the students to write down the names of children who did something particularly good or helpful. You could start the board off by pinning up bananas with each student’s name already on it, and writing something you like about each student on those bananas.

Monkey Bulletin Boards