Anti Bullying Bulletin Board Ideas

Anti-bullying should be promoted and spread among the students in schools nowadays for raising their awareness regarding the seriousness of the issue. One of the ways is by making use of anti-bullying bulletin board ideas. Some great examples include the buddy or bully theme as well as the friendship theme.

Bullying Bulletin Boards

Promoting anti-bullying in your middle school classroom is key to showing students good character while keeping them safe. To focus on the positive actions students can take, highlight ideas on a creative bulletin board. Additionally, get students involved in creating a bulletin board to encourage acceptance of diversity. Both display boards bring unity to middle school students.

Bulletin Board Ideas For Bullying

Create a bulletin board that displays the character traits of both a buddy and a bully. Help students distinguish between positive and negative behaviors and encourage students to act as a buddy to all middle school students. Give your bulletin board the title, “Buddy or Bully?” Have students create people out of construction paper, with each character holding a sign that displays a specific character trait of either a buddy or a bully. Students can guess which characteristics belong to a buddy and which are that of a bully. Bully traits can include behaviors like pushing others, and buddy traits can include things like following the rules and giving appropriate compliments.

Anti Bullying Bulletin Boards

Show students the importance of diversity through the joined hands of friendship. Have each student trace his hand on skin-colored construction paper and cut it out. Use paper that represents all different colors of skin tone. Label a bulletin board, “The Hands of Friendship.” Join the multicolored hand prints by placing them side-by-side across the bulletin board. Discuss with students how Martin Luther King Jr. held hands with people of many colors during his march for freedom. Explain to middle school students how people can be unified despite any possible differences.

Anti Bullying Bulletin Board Ideas 1

Moreover, you can also create a bulletin board that lists the many ways to be kind. This helps prevent bullying and promote positive character traits in middle school students. Get the students involved in the making of the bulletin board. Have each student write one or more ways to be kind to others. The center of the board should read, “Ways to be Kind” and the background can be covered in the list of ideas. Aim to have a list of at least 100 ways to be kind. Encourage your students to create a list of 365 ideas, one for every day of the year. Ideas can include actions like holding the door for someone or saying “please” and “thank you.”

Anti Bullying Bulletin Board

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) suggest that one way to combat bullying is by changing the school’s climate and to make bullying “uncool.” One way to do that is to devote a bulletin board with anti-bullying messages. Teachers can combine an anti-bullying campaign by having students make posters in art class to display on the board. Ideas can include bully-free zone signs, friends of different sizes playing games and a picture to illustrate a school rule against bullying.

Bullying Bulletin Board Ideas

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