Art Bulletin Board Ideas

Art bulletin board ideas are very popular especially among the elementary schools for giving the students a sense of creativity as well as the art learning opportunity. Various ideas can be implemented such as the artwork display bulletin board, art techniques introduction bulletin board, as well as the art benefit bulletin board.

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Bulletin boards have a place in every classroom, but in art rooms, bulletin boards are typically a given, and they can be instrumental in teaching students about artists, techniques, styles and the value of individual creative style. If you are an art instructor, use your art room bulletin board not only to educate but also to display works of art that are created by your students and inspired by the greats.

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Interactive bulletin boards are fun for students, giving them a chance to be involved, rather than being just a spectator. Princeton Online gives a good interactive art bulletin board suggestion with Flipping’ Facts. Start by attaching a print of a work of art in the centre of your bulletin board. Then attach colour file folders around the work of art, open end pointing downward. In each folder, write the answer to a question. On the outside cover of the folder, write the question. Questions could include name of artist, name of the work of art, period it was produced in, culture that created it and medium used. Depending on the work of art, you can come up with several questions for your students to explore and answer. And if you like, you can also include a file folder titled “Did you know…” and fill it with fun facts about the piece of art in the picture.

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Art Bulletin Board Ideas

Part of teaching kids about art is introducing them to the work of the great artists and letting them create artwork that reinforces what they’ve learned. According to Kinder, you can introduce students to Van Gogh by using his famous Sunflowers painting as your art class bulletin board theme. Post a print of Sunflowers in the middle of your bulletin board. Next to it, post a photo and short biography of Vincent Van Gogh. Have your students create sunflowers with yellow and orange construction paper and bits of rolled up or crinkled brown tissue paper for the middles. Display these sunflowers around the print of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and his biography.

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Most art curriculums include a variety of art techniques, such as painting, drawing and sculpting. Each type of art includes many specific techniques. A bulletin board offers a space to display the different techniques for a given style of art. A technique bulletin board on drawing might include shading, blending, two-point perspective, depth and other aspects of drawing. Include an example picture for each technique or aspect, as well as the name and a short description. Students can use the bulletin board as a reference during their art projects.

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Art education is often overlooked and thought to be simply an entertaining extra class. Many students might not realize the benefits of art class. Create a bulletin board that highlights some of the benefits of art. Some benefits include improved fine motor skills, increased concentration, development of creativity and a sense of achievement. Another option is to have each student write a sentence or two about personal benefits from art class. Display the student statements to show the effect art has on the kids in their own words.

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