Autumn Bulletin Board Ideas

Autumn bulletin board ideas are great for inspiring students about many things related to the season as well as the months. Some great ideas include the National Apple Month themed bulletin board, fall scene bulletin board, Thanksgiving themed bulletin board, as well as the “fall into reading” themed bulletin board.

Autumn Bulletin Board Ideas Preschool

Welcome back cool breezes and cloudy days in the months of fall. Folks exchange summer fun in the woods or at the beach for school or weekends at home. Use your fall bulletin board display in your organization, office or school to present interesting information pertinent to the autumn season.

Autumn Bulletin Board Ideas

September marks the kick-off of the three months of National Apple Month. This celebratory bulletin board should have a beautiful apple or apple tree in the centre of the action. This bulletin board idea for fall presents a festive and colourful seasonal display. Encourage outdoor family activity and put up the addresses of any local pick-your-own fruit apple orchards, then supply the nutritional information for apples. Round out this snappy fall display with award-winning recipes for apple pie, cobbler, cake and sauce.

Autumn Bulletin Board

One easy bulletin board that allows you to display the pictures of every child in your classroom is a leaf photo wall. Take a photograph of each child on the first day of school. Have the pictures printed at your local drugstore. Trace the shapes of leaves onto fall-coloured construction paper. Allow the students to choose a leaf and cut it out. Then have them glue their pictures onto the leaves and write their names above the photos. Hang each leaf on the bulletin board. Not only does this display get you in the mood for fall, but it’s also a great way to help the children remember each other’s names.

Autumn Bulletin Boards Ideas

Creating a fall scene on the bulletin board can be tied into lessons about the season. Cover the board in gold, yellow, red, orange, or brown paper. Use silk, which are available at a craft store, to create a border around the bulletin board. Use brown paper to create a basket and cut it out. Fill it with cut outs of fall vegetables such as squash and pumpkins. Another nice touch is a scarecrow made out of construction paper. Use the different decorations to teach your students about colour changing leaves, vegetables, and you can tie the scarecrow in to a storybook.

Autumn Bulletin Boards

Since Thanksgiving also occurs in autumn, you can use this bulletin board to teach about fall, as well as harvest celebrations. Title your board something like “Falling into Thanksgiving,” and place a large cut-out of a turkey in the middle of the board. Pass out cut-outs of turkey tail feathers to your students, and have them decorate them with crayons, markers and other art supplies. Ask the children to initial their feather, and attach the feathers to the turkey for display.

Bulletin Board Ideas For Autumn

Encourage students in reading by creating board titled “fall into reading.” Separate the classroom into teams and assign them a team colour, such as the red or the yellow team. Decorate the bulletin board with a tree for each team, covered in green leaves. As the team completes a goal, such as five books read, change out a green leaf for a coloured leaf. The first team to have a completely colour-changed tree wins the competition.

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