Baseball Bulletin Board Ideas

Baseball bulletin board ideas are rather unique which may attract students’ attentions easily. Some excellent examples of this kind of bulletin board include the counting by 10s, reading progress baseball theme bulletin board, and also the baseball field bulletin board.

Baseball Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards make the classroom look more inviting and help teachers present difficult concepts visually. Teachers often create bulletin boards based around a theme. For example, baseball-themed bulletin boards may feature baseballs while teaching more important overall concepts such as size, pattern and counting.

Baseball Bulletin Board

You can easily help young students understand the difference between small, medium and large with a bulletin board using ball shapes they are familiar with. Post felt visual representations of balls onto a felt-covered board to explain the concept of size. Use a small white circle for a Ping-Pong ball, a medium sized yellowish-green ball for a tennis ball, a white ball with red markings for a baseball and an orange ball for a basketball. Although Ping-Pong balls, tennis balls and baseballs are all small when compared to the basketball, they each have a distinct size. Allow children to arrange the shapes in size from largest to smallest and then smallest to largest to reinforce the concept.

Baseball Themed Bulletin Board Ideas

In addition to that, you can help younger students better understand patterns with a baseball theme. Post a pattern on the board, such as baseball-baseball-bat-baseball-baseball-bat. Ask students to tell you what shape comes next in the pattern. Vary each line on your bulletin board, mixing up the pattern sequence and objects on the board. Use visuals such as baseball players, mitts, helmets or even baseball players on different teams wearing different colors. Progress the difficulty of each line, using more than two items in the sequence.

Baseball Bulletin Board Ideas 1

Another great idea is to help students better understand the concept of counting by 10s by using a bulletin board that looks like a pitcher’s mound surrounded by buckets full of baseballs. Explain that each bucket contains 10 baseballs, and is one group of 10. For example, the number 10, which starts with the number “1,” is one group of 10; the number 20, which starts with the number “2”, is two groups of 10.

Baseball Bulletin Board Ideas 2

You can also chart the progress of your class in their silent reading by creating a baseball-themed bulletin board. Decorate the bulletin board to look like a baseball field, and create a baseball for each child in your class. As the students read more and more, move their baseball across the board farther and farther away from the baseball player at bat.

Baseball Bulletin Board Ideas

You can continue the sports theme when posting information that students need like jobs, calendars, lunch menus and emergency information. Job bulletin boards can be called “Pitching In” (with jobs on baseballs and student names on baseball player figures) or “Teamwork” (with jobs on team jersey shapes and student names on caps). The calendar can be listed as “Team Schedule” and the lunch menu can be listed as “Snack Bar Menu”. The “Trainer’s Corner” can contain emergency information and first aid supplies.

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