Beach Bulletin Board Ideas

Beach bulletin board ideas are becoming very popular among elementary schools or kindergarten. This is because of their usefulness in helping the students in topic such as beach science. Some great ideas for implementing it include the seashells idea and also the surfing idea.

Beach Theme Bulletin Boards

Beach themes are the perfect way to teach children about the beach and ocean while making it enjoyable and interesting. Beaches are bright and colorful, which can make an ideal d├ęcor for any classroom. With a bit of imagination, the ideas are endless for decorating a classroom with a beach theme.

Beach Themed Bulletin Board Ideas

If your class is studying geology or oceans, you can turn a bulletin board into a beach science lesson. Choose the title “How Beaches are Formed,” and make a board that illustrates the effects of the wind, water and tides on the formation of the shoreline. You might do a cross-section that shows the beach, the water and the land extending under the water’s surface. With arrows, show the direction of waves and the ways the water moves the sand, and demonstrate how the direction of the wind affects dune formation.

Beach Bulletin Board Ideas

Because seashells are often associated with summer, sand and the beach, they can be used to create a beach bulletin board. Seashells from the ocean can give your bulletin board a more authentic appeal, or colorful shells can be purchased from arts and crafts stores or superstores and used to create a fun look. Images of the likes of starfish, sharks and jellyfish can be used to decorate your bulletin board. Colored construction paper, poster board, tissue paper or blue and green paint can be used to create the illusion of water on the background of your bulletin board.

Beach Bulletin Board

Surfing is one of many activities people enjoy at the beach. Use a surfboard cutout to create a goal chart for your employees or organization. Display the surfboard vertically on the bulletin board and include your company or organization’s goal at the top. Use a beach ball or starfish as a marker to note how far your group is from achieving its goal.

Beach Bulletin Boards

Moreover, you can also construct a lifeguard chair by decorating a chair with a brightly colored umbrella, inflated swimming ring and a whistle on a string. Have every student checkout a book from the library that has something to do with the beach, and ask them to write a book report about it. Let each student sit in the chair when she reads her book report to the class.

Beach Theme Bulletin Board

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