Bulletin Board Ideas For January

January is the beginning of the year and it can be a great source of ideas for the theme for the bulletin board in school. Some examples of these ideas include the Martin Luther King Jr. Day theme, football theme, winter theme, as well as the New Year theme.

January Bulletin Board Ideas For Preschool

Many schools use bulletin boards in their halls to prominently display announcements. In addition to practical use, bulletin boards are also a great platform for enhancing the learning experience – whether showcasing students’ artwork or celebrating a holiday. January has several themes that will liven up hallway bulletin boards.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is celebrated the third Monday of every January to honor the civil rights leader. Students can make timelines of his life. Key events to include might be his leading a bus boycott in 1955-56, which was the first black nonviolent demonstration in modern times, and his 1963 “l Have a Dream” address. A board can feature children stating their own dreams, or it can have a friendship theme. A teacher can combine the board with a computer class and have students find old newspaper articles about King in the school’s online database. A teacher should be aware that February is Black History Month, and some of the bulletin board ideas may overlap. For example, in January a school might focus on King’s life, and in February have more of an overall unity theme.


January is a big month for football with bowl games and the NFL playoffs to decide the Super Bowl teams. A school can have an overall football theme with cutouts of players and goal posts. Or, if the school is near a team that’s competing in January, devote a board to the team’s colors and players with drawings and clippings of newspaper articles. You can have kids make cutout footballs and write their pick to win the Super Bowl on it.

January Bulletin Board Ideas

If it’s freezing outside with snow on the ground, warm things up by having a January bulletin board dedicated to summer. Children can draw pictures of the beach, sun and baseball players. You might even have the kids bring in photos of their past summer vacations to display on the board.

Bulletin Board Ideas For January In Elementary School

Clothing items can adorn a bulletin board to invoke ideas of the season. In cold-weather months, teachers use cutouts of hats and mittens to list students’ names on the bulletin board or to assign class helpers. In warm-weather months, teachers employ this same idea but with flowered shirts or sandals. These seasonal clothing items are useful as the background in a variety of bulletin board ideas, from listing math problems to recommending good books.

January Bulletin Boards

January brings New Year’s resolutions, so ask students to list their resolutions and add them to the bulletin board. You can title the bulletin board, “In 2011, we Resolve …” and attach each student’s resolution to the board. Education World suggests giving each student a star on which he can write his resolution. However, you may want to include a more appropriate decoration for January, like a snowflake. Students can decorate their snowflakes and write their resolution on them, like “Get an ‘A’ in math” or “Help mom more around the house.” A few weeks later, teachers can check in with students to see if they’re still working on their resolutions.

Bulletin Board Ideas January

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