Bulletin Board Ideas For Kindergarten

Bulletin board ideas for kindergarten can be very creative and educational for kids and they will be able to learn various things through this board. Some great ideas include the themed bulletin boards, subject unit based bulletin board as well as book-related bulletin board.

Bulletin Board Ideas For Kindergarten 1

A kindergarten bulletin board can help educate your students or simply provide a way to decorate your classroom. Choose a theme that reflects your interests or your current unit. If possible, try to update your bulletin board regularly throughout the year; keeping things fresh in the classroom will help keep young minds interested in their studies.

Bulletin Board Ideas For Kindergarten

Many kindergarten teachers use bulletin boards as a way of welcoming students to school and their classroom. If possible, teachers should get names of their new students and include them on the bulletin board. Some kids may be able to recognize their names in print and this will help them get a sense of belonging. The Virtual Vine has several suggestions for welcoming students. One is “Busy Bees.” Students’ names are written on bees made from construction paper and are placed like they are flying around a hive. Another option is to take pictures of students on the first day of school and attach them to the bees. Kinder Art suggests giving paper plates and drawing materials to the kids and get them to make a self-portrait. These can be used to decorate a back to school bulletin board inside the classroom or displayed outside the room on a bulletin board that other classes and teachers can see.

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“I Spy with My Little Eyes” is an amusing and eye-catching bulletin board that is sure to have your students laughing. Purchase small, medium and large rolling eyes from a craft store. Cover a bulletin board with yellow paper and trim with a blue border. Take pictures of areas such as the cafeteria, media centre, music room and art room–places your new students will be introduced to. Now take a photograph of yourself and print several different sizes; then glue the rolling eyes over your own in the photo. Glue the photos to the bulletin board. Beneath each photograph, place an area picture and label it with a wide felt tip pen.

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Each reading unit usually focuses on a theme, such as “animals,” “weather,” or “community.” Decorate the board with facts, pictures and trivia related to your current theme. For example, if the theme is “woodland animals,” cover the bulletin board with paper to make a woodland scene. Draw or paste on pictures of various woodland animals. For an interactive board, Velcro the animals onto the board and invite students to change them around. Each day, students can pick a favourite fact about the unit and the teacher can, with help from the students, write the fact down and attach it to the board.

Motivate students to read by creating reading bulletin boards. Place each student’s name on the bottom of the board and tack a paper “book” on top each time a student reads a book. Students will love watching their “books” stack up as the year progresses. Alternatively, use bulletin boards to celebrate classroom books. Invite students to recreate their favourite illustrations, compile their favourite quotes, or create other book-themes decorations for your board.

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