Bulletin Board Ideas For September

There are many different bulletin board ideas for September. Having a great September theme for a bulletin board in school is indeed a very warm and welcoming to not only the students but the teachers as well. Some great ideas include the fall season themed bulletin board, the summer vacation themed bulletin board, as well as the apple themed bulletin board.

Kindergarten Bulletin Board Ideas For September

September is a month ripe with possibilities for bulletin board ideas. Bulletin boards help bring attention to topics and issues that are important to students and teachers alike. Decorate your classroom’s bulletin board with a meaningful, eye catching theme, and kids will be more interested in the subject matter.

September Bulletin Board Ideas

A cheerful and welcoming September bulletin board can brighten students’ first day of school. Not only can the bulletin board help students get to know each other, but it can also provide fun activities to chase away any first day blues. One theme is “We All Fit Together,” where the teacher makes a jigsaw puzzle out of construction paper and puts a student’s name on each piece. Each student gets their puzzle piece upon entering the classroom, and must work together to complete the puzzle on the bulletin board. Students can even decorate puzzle pieces beforehand. Also consider a bulletin board with a “school of fish” theme. Students can make and decorate their own fish out of paper and glitter, adding them to the “sea” of the bulletin board.

Bulletin Board Ideas For September

Celebrate the changing seasons with students by making a bulletin board with a fall foliage theme. This idea can also incorporate activities where students get to know each other better. You can create a bare tree out of brown construction paper, and students can make leaves, apples and acorns to hang on the tree’s branches. Titles for these boards include “Growing Together” and “Nuts about School.” Encourage students’ interest in science by having them collect fallen leaves they find throughout the month. Hang these leaves on the bulletin board and integrate them with lesson plans about trees, plants or seasons.

Bulletin Board Ideas September

Apple bulletin board is another great idea. You can cover the background of your bulletin board in light brown paper. Paint a tree trunk from the top to the bottom of the centre of the board with dark brown tempera paint. Wad up and tape pieces of autumn-leaf-coloured tissue paper above the board, overlapping the top frame, to simulate the foliage of the tree. Place letters along the bottom of the board to spell, “Harvest a Bushel of Learning.” Cut and hang green, yellow and red construction paper apples in the spaces on both sides of the tree trunk. Write the name of the subjects that students will study in your class on the paper apples.

September Bulletin Board Ideas For Teachers

Summer vacation will still be present in students’ minds when they step back into the classroom in September. A bulletin board about summer vacation will help kids get into the habit of school, while still allowing them to celebrate their summer fun a little longer. Have students write or draw on a square of blank paper about what they did on vacation and where they went. Kids can take turns putting pins on a map to show off their summer trip destinations, and connect their pin to the square they created with brightly coloured string. This is also an opportunity for kids to bring in show-and-tell items from summer, and affix them creatively to the bulletin board.

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Moreover, you can also place a scarecrow your September bulletin board. Stuff an old flannel shirt and a pair of jeans with newspaper. Staple the clothes to the left side of an orange paper background. Cut a tan construction-paper head to attach above the collar of the shirt. Draw a scarecrow face on the head. Staple a baseball cap to the top of the head. Cut brown paper strips to attach under the head and to the cuffs of the shirt sleeves to resemble straw. On the right side of the board, hang a daily classroom schedule. Print “Our Day Is Stuffed with Learning” above the schedule.

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