Bulletin Board Ideas For Summer

Bulletin board is a good place for preschool children to learn and have fun. Summer design of bulletin board tends to give them a cheerful mood and enhance the learning experience. Some great bulletin board ideas for summer include the 4th of July idea, flowers and petals idea, as well as the back-to-school idea.

Bulletin Boards Ideas For Summer

Preschool classrooms should be filled with bright colors and there are tons of great themes to decorate the room in summertime. These are some ideas that can be used on either a notice board inside a classroom or on the door itself. Children and their parents will love walking into the room–and creating the decorations can be made into an activity to help children with their cutting and coloring skills.

Bulletin Board Ideas For Summer

You can cover the entire door in blue paper to represent the ocean. Give children coloring pages with outlines of fish. Once they decorate them, they can cut them out to get practice with scissors. Then glue a picture of each child’s face onto his or her fish and attach them to the ocean. You can also use cutouts of lobsters, whales or other sea creatures. Add a headline like “We’re Swimming in Fun!”

Bulletin Board Ideas Summer

Have children make their own American flags to post on the board, either by cutting and gluing strips of red paper onto white paper, or by having them color a flag outline. Make some fireworks by cutting out starburst shapes and covering them with glitter. Add a “Happy Birthday, America!” or “Happy Fourth of July!” on top. This board ties in nicely with a simple lesson about the history of America and the flag.

Summer Bulletin Board

In addition to that, it is good to have the children to cut out flower petals and glue them together onto paper. Write each child’s name on their flower and post them on a board with the title “Look How Fast We’re Growing!” If you have a door to decorate, measure each child’s height at the beginning of the summer and post their flower there. You can measure again at the end of summer to show them just how much they grew. This ties in well with a lesson plan about how plants–and people–grow.

Summer Bulletin Boards

Near the end of summer, make a “back to school” theme board to get children ready for the fall. Even though most preschools run year-round, this will help children prepare for the fall transition to school that will happen later when they enter kindergarten. Cut out some school bus shapes and put children’s pictures in the windows. You can also make a picture of the school and put children in those windows. Add a caption of “It’s Going to Be a Great Year!” or “Fall into Learning!”

Summer Fun Bulletin Board Ideas

Another idea for a summer-themed bulletin board is to design it around a holiday such as the 4th of July. Use black paper for a night’s sky, glue and colored glitter. Let your students make patterns on the black paper with the glue, and then sprinkle the glitter over the glue so that it looks like fireworks going off in the dark. This bulletin board is appropriate for closing out the school year and reminding students that summer vacation is coming up, so they have a long break to look forward to.

Summer Bulletin Board Ideas

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