Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas

Many people love Halloween especially kids and creating a Halloween Bulletin board can bring a different experience to them. Examples of Halloween bulletin board ideas include the spider creepy theme, ghost theme, as well as Halloween autumn theme.

Halloween is a favourite holiday for kids, who love to dress up and play pretend. With its colourful costumes, autumn fragrances and friendly characters, Halloween provides the inspiration for a variety of classroom activities and decorations. Use a bulletin board with a Halloween theme to spice up your October classroom decor plan, and your students can even get in on the decorating action.

Teachers can cover a board with spider webbing; this is usually available at craft and mass retail stores during the Halloween season, or they can make their own by creatively stapling yarn to the bulletin board background paper. Then students can decorate spiders using black construction paper and white chalk, and hang their spiders on the bulletin board.

Moreover, teachers can give each student a basic paper figure cut-out. Then students can decorate the paper people to resemble the costumes they plan to wear on Halloween, and glue a photograph of their own faces onto the paper person’s head. The bulletin board headline could read, “What will we be for Halloween?” then display each child’s planned costume with a photographed head.

Starting a bulletin board by covering it with black paper and adding the phrase, “Scaring up Amazing Grades” at the top. Then each child can have a large white ghost with his name on the bottom, and use it as a background for a recent school assignment. For this bulletin board, students get to showcase their work and display the pride they feel in their academic accomplishments while still maintaining a “Halloween” theme.

Create a poster outlining the safety precautions for trick-or-treaters. Caution your students never to enter a stranger’s home, and never to eat Halloween candy until it has been thoroughly inspected by an adult. Warn against wearing dark-coloured costumes if students are going to be out after sunset, and encourage them to wear bright colours and carry candy sacks with reflective stickers. Other advice might include not cutting through back alleys or strangers’ backyards, but rather sticking to a set route, and wearing costumes that do not obstruct vision.

Ghosts, witches, bats and black cats can be incorporated into a spooky-theme bulletin board. Download images of fairy-tale witches and scary cats to decorate. Ask students to cut free-form shapes from white construction paper as ghosts. They can use black markers to decorate their faces or glue on googly eyes from a craft store.

Decorate this bulletin board with autumn colours of reds, oranges and browns. Create a tree from construction paper and post it on one side of the bulletin board. Cut out leaf shapes from coloured construction paper and have each pupil write the name of her favourite book on their leaf. Title the bulletin board “fall in Love with reading” or something similar, and have each pupil glue her leaf with book title onto the board.

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