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Bulletin Board Ideas & Designs for School, Office and Your Room

Bulletin Board Ideas & Designs - Bulletin Board Ideas & Designs for School, Office and Your Room

Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas

Preschool bulletin board ideas are great for teaching pre-schoolers various different topics. Some great examples are seasonal themed bulletin board, holiday themed bulletin board, as well as the photos and graphics themed bulletin board.

Display Board Ideas For Children

Welcome your preschool class to school each day without saying a word by creating bulletin boards that feature their names and art work. Draw attention to changes in seasons and current classroom themes of study with a decorated board. Use your bulletin board displays to showcase youngsters’ crafts, teaching them in the process that some of the things they create have a special purpose in the classroom environment.

Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas

One approach to keeping children excited about learning new things or about activities coming up during a specific month is to create a set of characters that can help to introduce these activities. Developing your own cartoon characters isn’t as difficult as you might think. Use a basic photo or drawing program on your computer to create your cartoon characters, or you can sketch out line drawings of characters and scan them in to your computer. You can then bring the line drawings in to a basic program like Microsoft Paint or a professional program like Photoshop where you can colorize your cartoons and make additional changes. Print your cartoons out on a quality paper or have them printed at a print shop or office supply store. Cartoons can be used to introduce children to a letter of the month or to a theme, like learning about animals.

Preschool Display Boards

Another idea to pursue for your classroom’s monthly bulletin board is to use photos and graphics, such as clip art, to decorate your bulletin board. You can find a great deal of appropriate clip art online for free online as well as some clip art that you can purchase the rights to use. Photos and graphics can be used to reinforce the concepts you are teaching about that month. For example, for holidays you can add photos and graphics that relate to that holiday and point to the graphic when teaching children basic facts about the holiday. Graphics can also be used to add decorative elements like a border of leaves during the fall season.

Bulletin Board Ideas For Preschool

Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas 2

With the coming of each season, decorate a bulletin board to reflect the changes that occur with the season. During fall, create a large and colourful fall tree or a pumpkin patch. With the arrival of winter, transform the board so it displays images of snowflakes, snowmen and sleds. During the spring, turn your bulletin board into a colourful garden filled with flowers, birds and butterflies. Lastly, when summer is approaching, create a beach scene on the board, complete with a bright sun, an ocean and sand. If you wish, incorporate the names of the children on the board to personalize it. Write their names on pumpkins or on flowers, perhaps. Children will be excited to see the transformation of the board, and you can use the displays as a teaching tool to discuss the changes that occur in the environment each season.

Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas 1

Bulletin boards can also be used to add festive holiday flair to your classroom. Around Halloween, cover the board with images that relate to the holiday, such as spiders, witches and black cats. Welcome Thanksgiving by hanging a large turkey, pilgrims and a cornucopia on the board. For Christmas, trace children’s hands on green construction paper, cut them out and use them to create a Christmas tree on the bulletin board, complete with decorations and images of gifts underneath it. A map of Ireland, an Irish flag, a leprechaun, a rainbow and clovers can be used to add a bit of Irish luck to your classroom around St. Patrick’s Day. Decorate the boards to reflect the holidays you intend on celebrating in your classroom. Like a seasonal display, holiday displays also can be used to teach about the different celebrations.

Preschool Display Board Ideas

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Sunday School Bulletin Board Ideas

Sunday school bulletin board ideas are great since they are able to convey information, messages, religious stories, or even life lessons to students in a more creative way. Some excellent examples include the biblical stories themed bulletin board, “Reminders of God in Everyday Life” themed bulletin board, as well as the Nativity themed bulletin board.

Sunday School Bulletin Board Ideas

Many children go to Sunday school to learn about a particular denomination of Christianity or the religion in general. Therefore, creating bulletin boards that engage them in both the important components of the religion and the learning process is an intriguing and appropriate method to employ in your class.

Sunday School Bulletin Boards

You can create an illustrated representation of various stories in the Bible throughout the school year. Once again, students may contribute their own drawings, paintings, etc. to this project. Illustrate how God created the world in Genesis, or how Jesus taught his followers to act by using parables. Staple a large boat to the bulletin board, and have each child in the class draw a different pair of animals to represent the story of Noah and the flood.

Bulletin Board Ideas For Sunday School Class

Remind students that God is present in their lives every day through using easy-to-understand words and images. For example, use quotations such as “7 Days without Prayer Makes 1 Weak” and write examples of how and when to pray on the board. Another option would be to incorporate the United States of America and remind the students how God is mentioned in our Pledge of Allegiance, thereby paying homage to him from our country.

Bulletin Boards For Sunday School

A religious Christmas celebration isn’t complete without a nativity. A bulletin board is ideal for displaying pictures and cut-outs of Jesus’ birth. Traditional nativities depict Joseph and Mary with the baby Jesus, often surrounded by animals and shepherds. Other elements include a stable, a manager for the baby, a star, angels and wise men. Include Sunday school children in creating the display, either by letting them place the pieces on the board or by having them draw and decorate the pieces themselves.

Ssunday School Bulletin Board

Count down to Christmas with a bulletin board display featuring a picture, scripture, quote, treat or other item for each day of December up until Christmas day. Advent displays can take many forms. A traditional advent calendar simply displays the days leading up to Christmas, which are marked off each day. Another option is to staple small boxes or cartons to the bulletin board, filling each with a surprise such as a toy or a treat. Children can take turns opening one box each day.

Sunday School Bulletin Board Ideas For Easter

A bulletin board display themed around gifts can help children understand the true spirit of giving. On one side of the board, mount pictures of the wise men carrying gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to Jesus. On the other side of the board, display pictures depicting gifts that Jesus gave to the world. These might include tangible items such as water, sunlight, plants and animals, or it could be principles and ideas such as forgiveness, charity and love.

Sunday School Bulletin Boards Ideas

Encourage class members to reflect on their own experiences of faith and doubt by preparing autobiographies or journals. Provide starter questions, which can begin as simply as asking adults to identify people, events and experiences that have been significant to their spiritual formation. Though this kind of self-awareness is essential, the community will be strengthened if class members can be encouraged to share these intimate thoughts with each other.

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Cute Bulletin Board Ideas

Cute bulletin boards are very attractive and they are able to create a mood which enhances the learning experience especially for kids. Some great ideas for this kind of bulletin board include the cartoon designs, bugs design and also the baby photo design.

Cute Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are flat display areas, usually covered in cork, used for posting assorted messages, information or art. Decorative bulletin boards are common in schools because if their easy, versatile and artistic benefits. Cute bulletin board ideas for spring provide a cheerful accent to any classroom. Secure decorations to the board with tape, staples, pushpins or poster putty to ensure easy removal.

Cute Bulletin Board Ideas

Combine cartoon designs and colorful paper to create a cute spring bulletin board with happy bees and flowers. Green paper with bee-patterned trim provides the basic background for the bulletin board. Paper calendars for March, April and May decorate the middle third of the board. Yellow and black paper bees with googly eyes and pink marker grins decorate the upper third of the board. Colorful paper flowers with googly eyes and pink marker grins decorate the lower third of the board.

Cute Bulletin Board

This activity is ideal if you’re studying bugs in science class. The students use what they know about bugs to create a new species. Provide lightweight recyclable materials and craft supplies, such as egg cartons, cereal boxes, lids, pipe cleaners and craft foam to make their bug models. If bulletin board space is limited, set a size restriction for the bugs, so they all fit. The students can name their bugs and write a description of what it eats and how it acts. Display the bugs on the bulletin board along with the names and descriptions.

Cute Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

A collage of baby pictures is a great idea for a classroom. Younger children and babies love to look at other pictures of babies and are very interested in faces. A collage of baby photos, or even pictures of babies from magazines, will be interesting for the children in a younger classroom.

Cute Winter Bulletin Board Ideas

Cover your bulletin board in yellow paper, and use green punch out letters to spell “Watch Us Bloom and Grow” across the top of the board. Measure the height of the youngsters in your preschool class, and then cut a 4-inch wide rectangular “stem” from green construction paper to match the each measurement. Give the children dinner-size paper plates, construction paper and scissors. Provide cups of springtime-colored paint and brushes. Let the kids paint the plates and cut construction paper petals to staple to the edges when the plates are dry. Hang each child’s flower on the board attached to his measured stem. Display the kids’ names and height next to the flowers.

Cute Ideas For Bulletin Boards

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