March Bulletin Board Ideas

March is a good month and it can be used as a theme for bulletin board in school or library. Some examples of March themes are spring theme, calendar theme, St Patrick Day theme, poetry theme, as well as the Red Cross theme.

March is the month when snow melts and new flowers start to emerge. As the weather warms, school bulletin boards are updated to reflect the change in seasons and new activities. A March-themed bulletin board celebrates springtime events and holidays in the month of March.

Spring themes highlight baby animals born in the spring or flowers and trees that bloom during this time of year. Include pictures of animals such as lambs, ducks and other wildlife. You can also feature all the flowers that blossom in the month of March. This will vary depending on where you live. Use real photos or create flowers with colorful construction paper. The flowers can begin from the bottom of the board and extend up to the top. Encourage the children to make flowers and staple them on the bulletin board. Photos of baby animals or other spring themes can span around the edge of the board or placed in a row at the top.

March Bulletin Board Ideas

Another idea for a March bulletin board is to include a calendar of events in March. It should include dates of field trips, holidays and other parties during the month. Place the calendar in the middle of the board and decorate other portions of the board with flowers or themes from March.


Another option is to include paintings and drawings made by the children. You can fill the entire board with drawings from March as the month progresses. Or you can decorate the board with a calendar and combination of art from the children and spring themes. Encourage the kids to draw pictures that represent the month of the March.

March Bulletin Boards Ideas

You can also get into the multicultural mood with a Saint Patrick’s Day bulletin board. You’ll need cutouts of leprechauns, shamrocks and pots of gold to cover the board’s border. Give the board a title like “Going for the Gold.” Place a leprechaun in the bottom left corner of the board with a rainbow leading from the leprechaun to a large pot of gold at the bottom right hand corner. Make shamrocks for each student and have them write three goals for the rest of the year on them with colored pens. Place the shamrocks along the rainbow. Every so often students can read their goals to the class and explain how they are going to accomplish them. This board is appropriate for students from grades one through five.

March Bulletin Boards

March is known as Poetry Month, which is a theme that lends itself well to a library bulletin board. You can list poetry collections that the library houses, promote poet biographies found at your facility or print out some of your favorite poems to decorate the board. You can even invite library patrons to write their own poetry and post it on the board for the month.

March Bulletin Board Ideas Preschool

Another national March theme is the Red Cross. This organization helps millions of people around the world every year. Call your local chapter and invite them to help you create the bulletin board. They can give you information to post about Red Cross relief efforts, as well as literature to hand out to library patrons who read the board and want more information. You can also post a list of upcoming blood drives in your community or surrounding cities.

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