Middle School Bulletin Board Ideas

Middle school bulletin board ideas can improve the overall study experience of students. Great bulletin board can inspire students and provide insights to them in various aspects. Some great examples include the reading themed bulletin board as well as the buddy or bully themed bulletin board.

Bulletin Boards For Middle School

Most middle schools have bulletin boards in the classrooms, hallways and common areas. Bulletin boards make classrooms more colourful, attractive and interesting. In addition, they can influence students to make better decisions, provide a way to recognize students’ work, reinforce concepts being taught in class and inform students of upcoming events.

Middle School Bulletin Boards

The beginning of the year is an opportunity for students to learn about each other and introduce themselves to the class. Use a class bulletin board to display photographs of students and give them an opportunity to read about each other. Encourage students to accompany their photographs with a list of their likes and dislikes, the history of their names, or other pertinent information that will help classmates get to know them. Or have students write a short, personal essay as a way to introduce themselves.

Middle School Library Bulletin Board Ideas

During the summer most students read books for pleasure. Give students a form that asks them to list their favourite summer reading by identifying the genre of a book, the title and its author. Have students attach it to a brief summary and review of the book. Mark genre categories on the bulletin board and place the reviews under them. Students can read the reviews to choose books. Or use a summer reading bulletin board to focus on one particular popular book that may have been released during the summer. Put the book’s title and pictures of the characters on the board.

Middle School Bulletin Board

Middle school beginning-of-the-year bulletin boards are ideal for spelling out rules and expected behaviour, particularly to students who have just arrived from elementary school. Use bulletin boards to encourage children to be drug free or to discourage bullying. Highlight the negative consequences of undesired behaviours and use a portion of the bulletin board to indicate how a student might deal with a friend who is engaging in these behaviours. Put student-created posters about alcohol or drug use on the bulletin board. A bulletin board also can list general classroom rules.

Bulletin Board Ideas For High School

September bulletin boards can inform middle school students of school happenings. Consider a giant calendar that indicates upcoming school events. Use a Labour Day theme for border of the bulletin board. Students can look at the bulletin board when they need to confirm a school activity. You can also attach information, including times for physicals or permission slips for various events.

Middle School Bulletin Board Ideas

Moreover, you may also create a bulletin board that displays the character traits of both a buddy and a bully. Help students distinguish between positive and negative behaviours and encourage students to act as a buddy to all middle school students. Give your bulletin board the title, “Buddy or Bully?” Have students create people out of construction paper, with each character holding a sign that displays a specific character trait of either a buddy or a bully. Students can guess which characteristics belong to a buddy and which are that of a bully. Bully traits can include behaviours like pushing others, and buddy traits can include things like following the rules and giving appropriate compliments.

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