October Bulletin Board Ideas

There are various October bulletin board ideas which can be used for decorating the classroom during the season. These themes can be very educational and useful in conveying knowledge to the students.

October Bulletin Board Ideas 1

In the Northern Hemisphere, October is officially fall. This special month offers plenty of informative and entertaining ideas for a bulletin board. Remember the key to bulletin board decoration in a public place is appealing to a wide group without offending anyone. Religious themes, controversial topics and political agendas should be avoided.


Finding the decorations for a Halloween-themed October board should be a breeze. Start shopping for bulletin board decorations in the waning weeks of September, when store shelves are bursting with paper bats, jack-o-lanterns and ghost shapes. Staple orange or black paper to the board for background. In preschool through third-grade classrooms, stick with non-scary, smiling Halloween characters. Bulletin boards in older kids’ classrooms can be filled with glow-in-the-dark cats and sinister- looking witches on brooms. Attach pictures of age-appropriate, Halloween-themed book covers to the spooky October bulletin board.

October Bulletin Board Ideas

In many areas, October is when crops are harvested from fields. Decorate an October bulletin board in a harvest theme. Use brown background paper and place a yellow border around the edges of the board. Place letters to spell the words, “Bring in a Harvest of Learning,” across the top of the board. Cut simple shapes from construction paper to make depictions of vegetables. Cut orange pumpkins, yellow ears of corn and tan sheaves of wheat. With a marker, write subjects your class will study during the month on each of the vegetables.

Bulletin Board Ideas For October

Ripe, juicy apples are plentiful in October. Make an apple-themed bulletin board. On a white background, paint a brown tree trunk and branches in the centre of the board. Use a sponge, dipped in orange and red paint to stamp “leaves” on the branches. Cut construction paper apple-shapes to staple to the branches of the tree. Before you attach the apples to the board, pass them to your students. Let pre-schoolers write their names on the apples. Non-writers can draw pictures on the apples. Kids in upper grades should write names and a favourite subject, book or activity. Staple green construction paper to the bottom of the board for grass.

Bulletin Board Ideas October

For a school-wide, interactive October birthday bulletin board, create a changing tree out of the students’ birthdays. Place a blue sheet over the bulletin board, with a brown tree trunk in the middle. Cut out one leaf for each student with an October birthday, varying between the colours green, yellow, orange and red. Write a student’s name on each of the leaves, with the students with early October birthdays on green leaves, early-middle on yellow, late-middle on orange and late October birthdays written on red leaves. Whenever a student’s birthday arrives, escort him to the board and drop his leaf from the tree to the “ground” below. The ground could be a sheet or blanket on the floor, directly under the board. As the month moves on, the leaves on the tree become redder and the leaves on the ground begin to pile up.

October Bulletin Board Ideas 2

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