RA Bulletin Board

Resident Assistant (RA) bulletin board is an information centre for most students in campus. It also requires some great ideas especially for its decoration and design. Some common ideas for this kind of bulletin board include the going green theme, winter theme as well as the movie theme.

Ra Bulletin Board

One of the most important jobs of a resident assistant is to maintain his hall’s bulletin board. These boards are intended to promote a sense of community and provide information to students. Many resident assistants are assigned to freshmen, so it’s important to guide these first-year students through their college transition.

Resident Assistant Bulletin Board Ideas

One way to post the issue of drug use on campus is to feature the horrific, gruesome things that happen to people who use drugs. Use a large poster of a witch stirring a pot. Next to her, show glass jars with dangerous drugs in them. Across the bottom of the bulletin board, post news articles about famous people that have died from drugs, as well as locals that have encountered troubles with the law or health.

Resident Assistant Bulletin Boards Ideas

You can also come up with a list of places that students must visit. These places can be on campus or even within the metro area. Make sure students know all of the hot-spot locations around town. If there is a coffee shop that all of the students flock to, put it on the board. If you live in a city like Washington, D.C., or Chicago, post major landmarks, museums, concert venues and sports arenas that must be visited during their college careers. Add photos to the board, and then place an address underneath. Ask students to build upon the board as they discover their campus town.

Ra Bulletin Board Ideas

Welcome freshmen to their residence with a bulletin board featuring popular college movies. Many freshmen arrive to college with the idea that college is exactly how it is portrayed on film. It’s important to make new college students aware of the myths behind such films as “Animal House” and “Van Wilder.” But, it’s also fun to show them the truth behind the college movies as well. Post photos of popular scenes with an explanation as to why it is fact or fiction. Ask students to write their favourite college movies on the board. Update it with photos from the movie, as well as an explanation as to whether or not the movie is fact or fiction.

Ra Bulletin Boards

Students will undoubtedly be gearing up for winter break following a week of tough exams, so help them keep their eyes on the prize with a winter break-themed bulletin board. As germs tend to flourish during the colder months, offer some ways to stay healthy during the weeks leading up to winter break. Tie these healthy habits in with successful study techniques so students will have the tools to be in tip-top shape for exam week. Leave a space for students to contribute their winter break plans, and post a carpool chart where people can write in the places they need to go for the break, whether or not they have a car, and if so, how much space there is for extra passengers.

Resident Advisor Bulletin Boards Ideas

An environmentally themed bulletin board is ideal in April as Earth Day falls annually on the 22nd of that month. Suggest environmentally friendly versions of dorm room supplies like tissues, soaps and containers that students can remember the next time they make a grocery run. Provide statistics for your own campus’s energy usage, and offer tips for conserving resources in the dorm and on campus, like making it a habit to turn off the lights before exiting a room, using hand towels instead of paper ones or unplugging cords that are not in use.

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