St Patrick’s Day Bulletin Board Ideas

St Patrick S Day Bulletin Board Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day is a great idea for decorating the bulletin board, be it in pre-school or elementary school. Various design ideas can be used for achieving this and some examples include the St. Patrick’s Day math themed, and also the green-colored theme of St Patrick Day.

St Patrick S Day Bulletin Boards

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, and St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on his feast day, March 17. In the United States, the festivities often include an abundance of food, alcohol and green clothing.

Moreover, St. Patrick’s Day-themed math bulletin boards are a great change-up from the everyday use of math bulletin boards. Surprise your students on St. Patrick’s Day with themed math activities for them to practice during class. Encourage all students to participate in these activities and offer a variety of activities of varying difficulties for students to try.

Saint Patrick S Day Bulletin Board Ideas

Create a few word problems with varying difficulty for students to solve. A sample word problem could be: “Lance the Leprechaun was strolling down an Irish country road and noticed a sheep pasture. He decided to see how many sheep were on the pasture over a span of three days. On the first day, he counted 22 sheep. On the second day, he counted 73 sheep. The third day was rainy and he only counted 19 sheep. How many sheep did he count overall? How many sheep were there on average?” Encourage students to work in groups to solve word problems if they have trouble figuring out an answer on their own. Offer extra credit for certain problems that were “pulled from the pot of gold” and label them as “good luck” problems.

Saint Patrick S Day Bulletin Board

You can also design group graph activities and post all of the group’s graphs on the bulletin board. These activities can be a “pretest” to an upcoming lesson plan involving graphs, so be sure to let students know the activity is for practice and fun. A four-leaf clover graph activity can include some questions about halves, fourths, eighths, etc. and students can fill in the graph with green markers or colored pencils. A bar graph activity, for example, can allow students to recognize the population trend in Ireland. Population numbers can be found via textbook or education websites. This activity allows students to graph population trends throughout various decades or eras in Irish history.

St Patricks Day Bulletin Board

Since St. Patrick’s Day is symbolized by the color green, encourage students to think “green” by creating a bulletin board about recycling. Post a visual of a leprechaun with a thought bubble containing the phrase “Green is Keen.” Hang pictures or three-dimensional examples of things that can be recycled. As an extension, create several mini leprechauns that can be displayed around the room to help remind students where the recycling bins are located.

St Patricks Day Bulletin Boards

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