Christian Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas

Christian Christmas bulletin board ideas can vary according to the venues of the bulletin boards. They may appear in various places such as the Sunday schools, churches as well as some Christian schools. Some excellent examples include the religious Christmas celebration bulletin board, Christmas craft bulletin board, as well as the Advent Wreath bulletin board.

Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas

A bright, bold bulletin board is an excellent way to welcome Christian kids to Children’s Church, Sunday school or to their Christian school class. Bulletin boards are an excellent way to post children’s work for parents and church members to enjoy. The display provides visual information about the instruction and activities that are a part of the children’s program.

Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

Many churches hold collections for local shelters or charities, and Christmas is an especially popular time for those drives. One idea is to collect mittens and build the bulletin board around that theme. Not only does the board help get the word out, but since kids contribute most of the decorations for it, they’re more likely to get excited about the drive. Cut mitten shapes out of stiff paper or card stock and have each child in Sunday school decorate a pair. Staple the mitten pairs onto the board, and spell out “Sharing Mittens, Sharing God’s Love” in bulletin board letters for the title. A paper printed from a computer and stapled in a lower corner of the board can list start and end dates of the drive, as well as collection areas.

Christian Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas

A religious Christmas celebration isn’t complete without a nativity. A notice board is ideal for displaying pictures and cut-outs of Jesus’ birth. Traditional nativities depict Joseph and Mary with the baby Jesus, often surrounded by animals and shepherds. Other elements include a star, angels and wise men. Include Sunday school children in creating the display, either by letting them place the pieces on the board or by having them draw and decorate the pieces themselves.

Christian Christmas Bulletin Board

Give Christmas symbols a religious slant with a display of Christian interpretations. A candy cane becomes a shepherd’s crook, a candle represents the light of the world, and the unbroken circle of a wreath symbolises eternity. Bells proclaim Christ’s birth and the star atop the tree symbolises the star that guided the wise men. The tree itself is evergreen, an analogy for eternal life. Red and green, the traditional colours of Christmas, can symbolise the blood of Christ and the colour of life or rebirth.


Many churches work with local charities around the Christmas season. Use your bulletin board to make your congregation aware of ways to help families in need during the holiday season. Perhaps your church has adopted a family to provide them with Christmas gifts. You can use the bulletin board to include pictures of the family members and information about their likes so that church members can buy them gifts they’ll love. If you’re collecting canned goods for a Christmas food drive, keep track of how close you are to your goal on the bulletin board. Even if your church isn’t involved in a charity, you can point church members to annual Christmas charity drives like Toys for Tots, sponsored by the U.S. Marine Corps.

Christmas Bulletin Boards

You may also display your youngest church members’ artwork on a Christmas-themed bulletin board. Sunday school classes can work on a variety of Christmas art projects, and teachers can update the board weekly with class work. You can use a traditional red and green background to display the crafts. For example, students can draw or colour pictures of the nativity or create handprint Christmas wreaths using red and green construction paper. Be sure to include each child’s name on her artwork so that her parents can find it easily.

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