Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas For Teachers

Christmas bulletin board ideas for teachers can bring a lot of fun, excitements as well as educational purposes. Students will be able to learn a lot from the bulletin boards. Some examples include the Jesus themed bulletin board, Christmas tree themed bulletin board, as well as the winter season themed bulletin board.

Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas For Teachers

Christmas bulletin boards are a fun way to celebrate the season and encourage kids to learn at the same time. In Christian schools and churches, bulletin boards with an explicitly religious Christmas theme are not a problem, but that is not true for public schools. “You have to be careful not to offend other religions,” says Cathy Girard, who has been a Phoenix, Arizona, public school teacher for almost 25 years. In public schools, winter-themed bulletin boards can serve the same purpose as Christmas bulletin boards, with themes often overlapping. Many winter art projects made by the kids give bulletin board displays a more personal touch.

Christmas Notice Board Ideas

Remind the children that they’re called by Jesus to be fishers of men with this bulletin board. Use blue butcher paper for your background (to represent water). Draw several fishing lines, starting at the top and coming down at various lengths. If you want, you could use real fishing line for this and draw a black hook on construction paper, then cut it out and attach to the end of the fishing line. Cut fish shapes out of construction paper and write your children’s names on each fish, then stick them on the board at various points along the fishing line. You could also cluster them at bottom by the fish hooks. Title your board, “Fishers of Men” and staple “Mark 1:17” at the bottom.

Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas Teachers

You can also start by having each child in the classroom decorate a Christmas tree cut from foam or paper that you can hang on the bulletin board to make a Christmas tree forest. Garland and ornaments made with glitter glue, along with flat-backed rhinestones, create sparkly and colourful trees. The children can write their names along the trunk of their tree so everyone is represented. Attach real holly stems with berries around the perimeter of the bulletin board and roll pinecones in glitter glue for decorative accents along the holly stems.

Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas

Allow your students to make their own footprints and hand prints to use on a bulletin board about following and serving Jesus. Start with a heading that says something like “We follow Jesus and serve him, too.” You may also want to put a picture of Jesus on the bulletin board. The children can trace their own hand and footprints onto brightly coloured paper and cut the prints out. An alternative is to have the children press their prints onto plain paper after dipping their hands and feet in paint. The children may write their own names on their prints before adding them to the bulletin board. You may also want to have them write, on slips of paper, ways in which they can follow and serve Jesus.

Christmas Bulletin Boards

Turn a bulletin board into a meaningful photo display. Fasten a photo of each student onto the board. Write a Bible verse or theme onto a piece of paper to make a heading. “For God so loved …” from John 3:16 will help the children to remember that this verse includes them. “Jesus loves me” is another all-inclusive theme and one that younger children will understand. Part of Psalm 134:19 says, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made,” which also makes a meaningful heading for a photo bulletin board.

Christmas Display Board Ideas

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