College Bulletin Board Ideas

College bulletin board ideas are one of the great ways to convey information and messages to the students. There are various ideas which can be employed and implemented. It can be used as a tool to encourage students as well in various aspects such as socializing, studying, as well as the college life.

College is a unique time in a young adult’s life. For many, it’s their first really independent living experience. Colleges hire resident assistants (RAs) to create a safe residence hall experience for college students. Many residence halls have bulletin boards, and RAs must decorate these boards in a way that is fun and gives information to the students.

Bulletin Board Ideas College

Before putting the bulletin board together, wander around campus and photograph important campus landmarks such as dining halls, the library, and theatre and workout areas. Choose the best pictures and print them out. Place a campus map in the centre of the bulletin board. Surround the map with the pictures of campus. Staple a string from the point on the map to the picture.

College Bulletin Boards

Fill a board with quotes designed to inspire and challenge your students to think about the future. Focus on making a difference, starting a new career with confidence and standing tall to meet the challenges that lie ahead in the “real world.” Include positive statistics, such as how many of your college’s graduates find a job within the first few months of looking, or the difference in the average salary between a person with a college degree and someone who does not have a degree. Or create a bulletin board full of well-wishes from each faculty member.

College Bulletin Board Themes

College often brings together young adults from all over the country, sometimes even from all over the world. As the students move into their residence hall rooms, snap pictures of their faces. Print the pictures and mount them on cardboard or foam board. Cut them out so that just the student’s head and shoulders show. Stick the student tacks all around the map. Mount a heading at the top of the map asking students where they graduated from high school. You can use the map for several weeks by asking where students were born, where they would most like to visit or where they hope to get their first job.

College Bulletin Board Ideas

College means pizza, beer and soda at all hours of the day and night. Junk food is available everywhere, from vending machines in the residence hall to desserts in the dining hall. Area fast food restaurants often contract with colleges to provide fast food for students. All of this can set up some harmful eating patterns and contribute to the weight gain new students often experience. A fun way to educate students about the dangers of junk food is to create a bulletin board. Show how far the average student has to walk to burn the calories in a piece of pizza, an order of French fries or a candy bar.

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While college is an exciting time full of possibility, it can also be a time of great stress. College success or failure has a major impact on a student’s future options and career goal achievement, leading some college students to become overly stressed by academic challenges. Offer them suggestions on how to curb stress by setting up a stress-reduction tips bulletin board. Cover your board with a bright piece of fabric or sheet of bulletin board paper. Title your board “Stress-Reduction Tips,” using hand-cut or pre-cut letters.

Bulletin Board Ideas For College

Encourage students to become acquainted with those who share their dorm space by setting up a “Get to Know Your Dorm Mates” bulletin board. Cover a bulletin board with fabric or bulletin board paper. Divide the board down the center using a piece of colored tape or ribbon. Dedicate one half of the board to a male dorm resident and the other half to a female dorm resident. Place a picture of each featured student on respective sides of the bulletin board. Put the students’ names above the pictures and facts about them around the board surface. Change your bulletin board regularly so that you feature as many students as possible throughout the academic year.

College Themed Bulletin Board Ideas

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