Computer Lab Bulletin Board Ideas

Computer lab bulletin board ideas are very common in elementary school or even high school. They provide a very useful and convenient platform for students to learn about the knowledge in computing. Various ideas can be implemented and you can use your creativity to make the bulletin board as attractive as possible.

Bulletin Board Ideas For Computer Classroom

Bulletin boards serve a variety of functions, from purely aesthetic to the dispersal of information. Computer bulletin boards work well in a computer lab or at a computer station in a regular classroom. Determine the purpose of the bulletin board before beginning the design. Incorporate bright colours with the computer theme, but limit the decorative elements to avoid the board becoming a distraction in the room.

Computer Bulletin Boards Ideas

Learning common computer terms provides students a greater understanding of technology as a whole. These terms offer an advantage as the students grow older and need to know the system in greater detail to work on more advanced projects. Create a bulletin board based on age-appropriate computer technology. For younger children, include a picture of a computer and add labels with the correct names of the computer parts. Include more detailed computer terminology for older students, such as bit, byte, CD-ROM and commands.

Bulletin Board Ideas Computer Lab

The layout of the keyboard presents a learning opportunity for beginning computer users. Mastering the location of the keys allows students to type quickly, a useful skill as they advance through school and adulthood. Use squares of white paper to re-create the computer keyboard on a bulletin board. Write the letter or label for each key on its corresponding square of paper. Place the squares in the correct order on a bulletin board with a dark-coloured background. The visual reminder provides review opportunities for the students.

Bulletin Board Ideas For Computer Lab Classroom

Every classroom has a set of rules, but in a computer lab these rules can be particularly important because they help preserve expensive equipment. Use your bulletin board to display your rules so they will always be visible to students and serve as a reminder of proper conduct and equipment treatment.

Computer Lab Bulletin Board Ideas Classroom

To teach your students how computer skills can influence their future employment, create a bulletin board of computer careers. Enlarge clip art or cartoon pictures of people using computers in common work environments. Attach them to the bulletin board with the occupation below. Include a variety, such as office administrator, nurse practitioner, pharmacist, engineer, banker, marketer, website designer and forensics scientist. Leave enough room to add suggestions from your class. To encourage their research skills, let your students pick a career to investigate why those careers rely on computers. As new careers come up, add them to your bulletin board. For older students, look in the classified section of your newspaper to find job opportunities that rely on knowing computer skills. Retype the pertinent information such as employer, proposed benefits, and salary and work hours from the classified ads. Label your bulletin board “Needed: Exceptional Computer Skills!” and place your large ads around the board. Keep the information relevant to questions your computer class has about finding a career.

Computer Lab Bulletin Board Ideas

Students should use the correct terminology when referring to computer hardware. Teacher-supply stores carry notice board packages containing cardboard cut-outs of various computer parts. Create an interactive matching board. Hang pictures, such as a monitor, keyboard, disk, mouse and printer on the left side of the board and write the matching terms on the other side. Students can connect them with yarn.

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