Earth Day Bulletin Board Ideas

Raising the awareness of protecting the Earth is very important nowadays especially towards the young generation. Building a bulletin board using the Earth day bulletin board ideas can be very exciting while instilling the awareness within the young ones.

Earth Day was established on April 22, 1970, by Senator Gaylord Nelson as a means to educate Americans in ways to conserve natural resources. Earth Day is associated with a movement to create a clean environment and clean energy. Celebrate the spirit of Earth Day by creating notice boards that teach about clean living and inspire students to do their part to help the earth and their environment.

Although some communities require recycling, others may not have mandatory rules. Inform students about the different recycling codes, which are frequently found on the bottom of product packaging. Title the notice board “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” and post actual product packaging on the board. Apply products from each of the three major recycling groups–paper, plastic and metal. Consider including recyclable materials, such as metal soup cans and aluminium soda cans.

You can also create a notice board that informs students of upcoming Earth Day activities. Include posters for community activities such as a fundraiser or awareness walk, and a list of ways that students can become involved in making the earth a better place. Consider adding a sign-up list for ways to volunteer, or a sign-up pledge to become a better citizen.
Encourage students to become more aware of their environment with a list of books. If possible, obtain a picture or a photocopy of a book cover, which will help to bring colour and added interest to the board. Group books by grade level or specific topic. This type of notice board works best in a public area of the school, such as the cafeteria or in the halls.

Allow children to help create a notice board that celebrates Earth Day. Let students colour a picture of the earth and have them write on the paper their favourite thing about the planet. Younger students might need a list of suggestions about their favourite things, such as rainbows, green grass, chirping birds or tall trees. Title the notice board “Why We Love the Earth,” and post each student’s art project on the board.

Decorate a board displaying the life cycle of a tree with information about different stages underneath each photo. Hang up blue poster board or paper for your background. Make small paper earths that are about the size of an orange, and staple these around the entire border of the board. Hang up the first picture of a baby tree at the far left-hand side of the board, with information about this stage written underneath. Find other pictures of trees at different ages, and include random facts under the trees about what trees do, such as cleaning the air and emitting oxygen. You might also want to feature a picture of a tree stump with rings showing how old the tree was.

Staple white poster board or paper on the board to create your background. Help the kids in the class make a giant planet earth to showcase on the bulletin board. Cut out a giant dark blue circle from poster board. Help the kids cut out land masses and other features seen on earth from space such as ripples in the water and clouds. Hang the planet up on the middle of the board. Ask the kids to write short Earth Day poems on small cut-out trees. Adorn the right and left side of the planet with these little trees.

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