Flower Themed Buletin Board Ideas

Decorate your classroom or daycare for spring and summer with this colorful DIY Flower Bulletin Board. Don’t just do it by yourself, though, this DIY project is meant to get all the children involved! Kids of all ages will love choosing and decorating their own flower petal to put onto the flower center.


Spring is a great time to examine the growth of plants and flowers. Using a textbook or other resource, enlarge different types of plants, flowers and seeds. Make them large enough to fill your bulletin board. (You can do this by making an overhead transparency of the image you want, hang your paper on the wall, and then trace your images.) Students can then label the various parts of the plants, flowers and roots.


Use the included bee as decoration or to show who is the student of the week! Includes 1 flower center, 1 bee and 24 flower petals that students decorate themselves! We recommend using crayons, colored pencils, washable markers or permanent markers, sold separately online.


Provide students with a template of a flower outline. Or you might provide a selection of flower “coloring pages” from which students can choose.


This last one uses the stretch and stapled string for stems and leaves.


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