Food And Nutrition Bulletin Board Ideas

Food and nutrition bulletin board ideas are an effective way to convey health messages to children or even adults. Various designs ideas are available and you may also incorporate your own creativity in making a great bulletin board in school.

Food & Nutrition

Learned eating habits are a contributing factor to the rapidly growing problem of childhood obesity in America. Implementing a nutrition program in the classroom is a positive way to improve eating habits. Using a bulletin board filled with nutrition ideas is an active method of instruction to help students realize the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Food And Nutrition Bulletin Board Ideas

Create a bulletin board with a multicolour coded striped pattern like the food pyramid found at Build a three dimensional bulletin board as part of your educational program. Students interact with your nutrition bulletin board and will retain memories about ideas for healthy living.

Food Nutrition And Health

Design your health care notice board around national health observances by showcasing outreach information on cancer, heart disease, alcohol abuse and a wide range of public health issues. An abundance of high quality posters, hand-outs, brochures and topic sheets are free and available from hundreds of health care organisations. A health care notice board featuring these free or low-cost materials will provide educational information to the public that might not be seen otherwise.

Food Nutrition And Wellness

The food pyramid represents the basic building blocks of a healthy diet. While the traditional food pyramid was divided into horizontal sections, the current version has vertical lines. The advantage of using a food pyramid instead of simply separating foods by food groups is that students can see how much importance they should place on each of the food groups.

Healthy Food Nutrition

Moreover, you may also decorate a bulletin board on the topic of the value of a healthy breakfast. Staple green poster board paper on the board as your background. Cut out construction paper in the shape of bananas, apples, pears, oranges and other healthy foods. Write facts about breakfast health on these fruit and vegetable shapes. Showcase pictures of a healthy breakfast, such as a bowl of granola with fruit or a strawberry smoothie on one side of the board. Feature pictures of bad breakfast choices, such as a sweet roll or sugar-laden cereals on the other side of the board. Cut out a few red X from construction paper and staple these on top of the “bad” foods, so the children can clearly distinguish a good choice from a bad one.

Nutritional Food For Children

Childhood obesity is on the rise, creating concerns that unhealthy eating habits will continue to be a lifelong problem for this generation. Nutrition instruction, healthy lifestyle habits, and increased awareness will educate and prepare young people.

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