Graduation Bulletin Board Ideas

Graduation bulletin board ideas can be very inspiring and motivating for students who will be leaving the school soon. Various ideas can be incorporated to create this kind of bulletin board. Some examples include the inspirational themed bulletin board, career-related themed bulletin board, as well as the congratulation bulletin board.

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Seize the opportunity to use graduation as a theme for your end-of-the-year bulletin board. Bulletin boards are meant to communicate. Use them to communicate the success of graduating students and boost the students’ self-esteem, and also allow them to serve as motivation for younger students to graduate. Create a bulletin board that is as unique as your graduating class. To do this, incorporate photos and information about graduating students into your bulletin board decor and give graduating students one more chance to shine.

Graduation Bulletin Board Ideas High School

Fill a board with quotes designed to inspire and challenge your students to think about the future. Focus on making a difference, starting a new career with confidence and standing tall to meet the challenges that lie ahead in the “real world.” Include positive statistics, such as how many of your college’s graduates find a job within the first few months of looking, or the difference in the average salary between a person with a college degree and someone who does not have a degree. Or create a notice board full of well-wishes from each faculty member.

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You may also highlight the career choices of the graduating students by creating a notice board divided into sections by major if you are designing and decorating the bulletin board for college students. Include the name of each student on a paper graduation hat listed under each major, along with quotes such as “Teachers touch lives.” If you are a small college, include a group photo of the students in each major.

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Designate one notice board in the room for students to turn into a class memory book. Add the title, “Remember this.” Tell students to select moments important to them throughout the class and to add photos, captions, newspaper clippings and other memorabilia that capture this school year. Invite students to share personal accomplishments like college acceptances, scholarships, prom photos and appropriate photos of them engaging in assorted school-related activities. Throughout the course, devote a few minutes and underscore the significance of small moments adding up to large events. Allow students to take home their mementos at graduation time.

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Create a bulletin board with the main purpose of expressing the joy associated with congratulations. Use the mind-set of a graduation greeting card that is meant to congratulate the graduate. Title the bulletin board with a saying that recognizes achievement, such as “Great Job, Class of 2012!” Decorate the bulletin board with graduation hats, gowns, diplomas, stars and confetti cut from construction paper or card stock. Write graduating students’ names on these symbols of graduation.

Graduation Bulletin Board Ideas

Moreover, you can also decorate a bulletin board with photos of graduating students. Collect the photos or take them yourself. Showcase the students on the bulletin board and give a short biography about each student. As an alternative, ask students each to bring in a baby photo to display along with a current photo, and use a heading that says something like “Look How Far We’ve Come!” Alternatively, create a collage using photos taken over the year of graduating students involved in whole-school activities, and use a heading like “We Will Miss You!”

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