Health Bulletin Board Ideas

Health bulletin board ideas are very important, especially in schools, for emphasizing the role of health in everyone’s life. Some great ideas include the food pyramid themed bulletin board, the physical fitness bulletin board, nutrition themed bulletin board, as well as the anti-drug themed bulletin board.

Health Bulletin Board Ideas 1

Health teachers may be able to incorporate several different bulletin board ideas on health and nutrition into their classroom at one time. If you’re a teacher who wants to incorporate health bulletin boards into your elementary classroom, it’s important to select themes that fit with your current unit. While you should promote good health at all times, it helps to occasionally focus on issues like nutrition, learning about the body and how to prevent colds.

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Maintaining a healthy heart is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Line the back of this bulletin board with white paper. Draw a large heart in the centre of the board. Cut heart shapes out of red and pink construction paper and make enough to completely fill in the heart that you’ve drawn on the bulletin board. Attach the construction paper hearts to the inside of the large heart with staples. Around the heart, write ways to maintain a healthy heart, for example, exercise, eat right, don’t smoke, maintain a healthy weight and visit the doctor. Title the board, “Keep Your Heart Healthy.”

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The food pyramid represents the basic building blocks of a healthy diet. While the traditional food pyramid was divided into horizontal sections, the current version has vertical lines. The advantage of using a food pyramid instead of simply separating foods by food groups is that students can see how much importance they should place on each of the food groups.

Health Bulletin Board Ideas 5

A physical fitness bulletin board can show students how to do certain exercises. It could also list how many calories are burned from doing different activities or it could simply act to encourage children to get active. Moreover, it’s helpful to have displays that label the parts of the body. Very young children may need an image to learn basic body parts, like arms, legs and toes. Older students can benefit from a labelled skeleton or images of organs.

Health Bulletin Board Ideas

A bulletin board focusing on the role of doctors in the health process helps the elementary students feel more comfortable with these practitioners. Many kids are afraid of doctors. Use the bulletin board to teach the kids what typically happens at a doctor’s appointment. Include information about regular check-ups and why they are important. A picture of a doctor and common medical equipment will add to the bulletin board display.

Health Bulletin Board Ideas 3

Nutrition is another important factor in a person’s health. Kids face difficult choices at snack time. The stores are filled with cookies, chips and other unhealthy convenience foods. Use the bulletin board to emphasize healthy snack choices. Display pictures of foods that appeal to kids and have nutritional value. Fruit smoothies, frozen bananas covered with peanut butter and trail mix are just a few examples to add to the snack bulletin board. Add a recipe next to each picture so the kids can make the healthy snacks at home.

Health Bulletin Board Ideas 6

Staying away from drugs is a big component to a healthy lifestyle. Teach kids the importance of avoiding drugs at an early age. A bulletin board provides an ideal spot to remind the students of the dangers of drugs. Red Ribbon Week is an anti-drug campaign that takes place the last week of October. Begin displaying the anti-drug bulletin board at this time. A red background ties the bulletin board to Red Ribbon Week. Have each student sign an anti-drug pledge that you can display on the bulletin board.

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