Holiday Bulletin Board Ideas

Holiday is perhaps one of the themes loved by children. It can be used for decorating the bulletin board for creating a learning platform for the children. Some great holiday bulletin board ideas include the Christmas themed bulletin board, Thanksgiving themed bulletin board, as well as the Halloween themed bulletin board.

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Your classroom’s notice board serves as a blank slate for creativity, expression and an ideal place to educate your kids about upcoming holidays and seasons. In between placing kids’ best tests and papers on your board, create notice board displays that get kids excited about occasions and teach them a little bit more to get them in the spirit.

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Older children may enjoy sharing favourite Thanksgiving recipes. Students can ask their parents how to prepare a favourite Thanksgiving food. Mount turkey recipes on a brown cut-out turkey and cranberry recipes on red paper and let students draw berries around it. Use brown paper to mount stuffing recipes and yellow for cornbread recipes. Other recipes can be mounted on coordinating paper and magazine pictures or clip art can be used to decorate the background. Children and teachers may view the bulletin board to write down their favourite recipes before the holiday.

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Christmas is typically a time to indulge in sweets. Create a large chart on a bulletin board and ask students to obtain calorie information on different holiday indulgences and an alternative food. On one side put a picture of the decadent food and its calorie information. Across from it, put a picture of a lower calorie alternative food and the calorie information. For example, an apple pie could be compared with a fresh apple drizzled with honey. Students may become more aware of their food choices during the holiday season.

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While your students are probably familiar with eating turkey on Thanksgiving and candy corn on Halloween, educate them a bit on other not-so-well-known foods associated with the holidays and seasons by printing pictures and recipes for your notice boards. Tack up images of mince pies and plum pudding for English Christmas dinner examples and mocha, sticky rice cake, enjoyed in Japan for New Year’s Day. Another option is to decorate your notice board with the food items that are recognised as that month’s “national food item,” such as potato, honey, biscuits, chicken, mushrooms, ice cream sandwiches and apples for September, or pickles, baked beans, berries, hot dogs and ice cream for July.

Holiday Bulletin Board Ideas

Students will enjoy making paper jack o’ lanterns which can be placed on an eerie black covered bulletin board. Accent the scene with a full moon. The cutting activity is a nice way for primary grades to improve fine motor skill. Ask students to brainstorm words associated with Halloween, write them with black marker on orange construction paper strips and staple them throughout the bulletin board.

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Although the Fourth of July is not celebrated during the school year, American flags are commonly in classrooms. Talking about Fourth of July and creating a patriotic bulletin board helps facilitate appreciation for the United States. The bulletin board can be decorated with small flags and children can research the history of their favourite American foods. Each essay can be accompanied by a picture of the food it discusses.

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