Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas

Interactive bulletin board is very helpful and useful especially for students having difficulty in learning a particular subject. These ideas are widely used in the elementary school and some great ideas for this kind of bulletin board include the music themed bulletin board, as well as the bookworm themed bulletin board.

Elementary Interactive Bulletin Boards

High school bulletin boards can be both fun and educational. Interactive bulletin boards can be tools to encourage students to express their individual thoughts and talents within the school community. By allowing students to participate in their creation, high school bulletin boards no longer have to remain a task solely for teachers.

Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas For Preschool

In an elementary school classroom, teachers can start an interactive bulletin board to show each student’s birthday. To do this, decorate the board with a paper border that has a school-related theme, such as apples, pencils or chalk. Write out each month on separate rectangles and line them up horizontally along the bottom of the bulletin board. Decorate and cut out apples for each student in the class. Pass out the apples and instruct each student to write his/her name and birthday on the apple. You can then pin the apples on the bulletin board, above the correct month. The board will visually show how many birthdays are in each month, while making each student feel appreciated.


At a library or in a classroom, an interactive bulletin board could recommend recent good books. To decorate the board, create a “bookworm” theme by pinning up several animated or realistic-looking worms. A border with books or historical elements can accent the theme. Create cutouts of open or closed books for the board, and write the names of some new books. Alternatively, you can print out a picture of the actual book cover to help the audience recognize the book on the shelves. In a classroom setting, highlight the assigned book in the center of the board and add several similar books around the edges as “additional recommended reading.”

Interactive Bulletin Boards For Elementary

Get high school students involved in music with this creative musical bulletin board. The background of this board consists of one to two lines of empty music bars. Draw and cut out musical notes from pieces of construction paper and place them along the bars to create the music to a popular or familiar song. Tape an envelope to the bottom corner of the board. During the week, encourage students to write their guesses of the name of the song on slips of paper with their names, and place them in the envelope. At the end of the week, remove the papers and announce the winners.

Interactive Bulletin Board

Represent the food pyramid on a bulletin board, showing how many servings of different foods students should have per day. However, there have been a few food pyramids over the years, each with different information. Combine older pyramids with the current one to educate students about how information about nutrition and good diet changes as scientists learn more about food, vitamins and the human body. Make this bulletin about both nutrition and how scientific study is always changing what we know.

Interactive Bulletin Boards Elementary

Interactive Science Bulletin Board Ideas

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