January Bulletin Board Ideas

January bulletin board ideas can be very interesting and attractive. Various ideas can be used relating to the month such as snow, back to school, or something about the winter season. These themes will certainly give a new mood to the learning environment.

Monthly themes are a great idea for decorating a bulletin board. In January, one aspect you can play up is the wintry, snowy weather. There are several ways to do this that are interesting, educational, easy to execute and will look great on your classroom bulletin board.

The weather in January can be quite cold in most parts of the country. January weather makes for an excellent learning lesson for pre-schoolers. A snowflake boarder is an attractive addition to a January bulletin board and it makes a great craft project for children. In preschool many children are beginning to develop their scissor skills. Cutting snowflakes is a great way to help children develop these skills. Children may also delight in making snowmen and adding them to their snowflake border.

When children return back to school from winter break what better way to celebrate the New Year by displaying New Year’s memorabilia on a bulletin board as a constant reminder that January is the first month of the New Year. Baby New Year, confetti and other celebratory decorations may be added to remind students that January is the first month of a new year. New Year’s decoration also compliments a winter theme nicely.

Children just returning from winter break will have lots to talk about and a lot that they want to share. Have children bring in pictures of their favourite Christmas or Hanukah gifts or have them bring in pictures of something special they did over winter break. Using construction paper, glitter and markers children can make colourful frames for their pictures and these can be added to a January bulletin board.

You can make the theme specific to a subject. Use an “English Is Snow Much Fun!” heading and put up snowflakes with A+ essay and the covers of works of literature or reading books. Under “It’s Snowing Science!” use falling snowflakes, beakers, magnifying glasses, magnets and light bulbs. Use “There’s Snow Better Time for Math” with snowballs and big, brightly coloured numbers, or “It’s Snow Secret: We Love History!” with snowballs bearing pictures from history lessons the students are currently studying.

Create a bulletin board display that promotes reading during the Christmas season. Use black paper to create a background for your display. Create a tree by cutting a large triangle out of green paper and affix it to the centre of the board. Cut circles from different coloured construction paper–use them for ornaments. Top your tree with a star made from yellow construction paper. Cut the images out and attach them underneath the Christmas tree. Title your display “Reading is a Gift.”

There are a lot of things that make January unique. January has the coldest weather, a New Year begins and the United States celebrates significant events in its history. Pre-schoolers may not fully understand these events and the depth of their meanings but by creating a January bulletin board teachers will plant a seed in their pre-schoolers and encourage a love of learning.

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