Jungle Bulletin Board Ideas

Jungle bulletin board ideas tend to be quite popular especially for kids since most kids like animals as well as the adventurous mood. Examples of the themes for this kind of bulletin board include the banana theme, the “Don’t Monkey Around” theme, and also the “Welcome to Our Jungle” theme.

Jungle Bulletin Board

The jungle is home to many animals that appeal to kids of all ages. The jungle also lends itself well to several catchy phrases ideal for notice board displays. The theme is even better if your curriculum includes jungles in science class. You’ll find many jungle-themed notice board decorations at most teacher supply stores. You can also make jungle decorations easily using basic classroom supplies.

Jungle Themed Bulletin Board Ideas

A banana theme for the jungle notice board lends itself well to many creative options. The heading on the notice board can refer to any subject or idea. For example, you might say “Go Bananas about Reading” or “Go Bananas for Learning.” A banana tree with lots of bananas hanging from it makes a good background for the notice board. Add some monkeys swinging from the tree for added decoration. A similar theme incorporating monkeys is “Swing Into Reading.” You can also substitute reading for other topics.

Safari Bulletin Board Ideas

The “Don’t Monkey Around” theme works well for a notice board about classroom rules. Include several monkeys around the outside of the notice board with the classroom rules posted prominently in the middle. This adds an entertaining touch to the rules but also keeps them prominent so the kids can refer to them easily.

Jungle Bulletin Board Ideas

Another great theme is the “Welcome to Our Jungle”. This is a general notice board theme to welcome visitors into the classroom. Twist brown butcher paper to make vines for the board. Add silk leaves from a craft shop or leaves cut from green paper to accent the vines. Trees also work well in the background. Include a name tag for each child on the notice board. You might use die-cuts of jungle animals or let each child draw her own jungle animal for the board.

Jungle Bulletin Boards

In addition to that, you can also provide a continually changing challenge for your students by featuring jungle riddles on your classroom notice board. Using construction paper, create a jungle scene. Add trees, exotic flowers and vines to make your setting look authentic. Then, create two animal cut-outs, an elephant and a monkey for example, and place them in the center of the jungle you created. Use white paper to create a speech bubble coming from each of the characters. In the speech bubble, write a jungle themed riddle. Change your riddle regularly, providing a new challenge to students each week.

Jungle Theme Bulletin Board

Map out your plan for the school year on your jungle themed notice board. Allow students to help you create a jungle themed explorer and a lush, tropical setting. Encourage students to be creative and draw and cut out features that they may find in the jungle. Help students place these elements on their notice board. After setting the scene, create a map for your explorer. Use a continent outline to create an authentic looking navigational tool. Select a spot on the map at random, and write the topic you are currently studying. Then write the topic you will study next on a different spot on the map. Draw a line between these two topics. Place the map in the explorer’s hand. Update the map as you switch topics, allowing students to see what they will be learning next as they move throughout the unit or school year.

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