Mothers Day Bulletin Board Ideas

Mother’s day is considered a very important day in a year. You can, therefore, make use of this special day as a theme to create a mother’s day bulletin board. These creative mother’s day bulletin board ideas will certainly enable the students to be much more grateful towards their beloved mothers.

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Mother’s Day is a time of year set aside to honour those who have given their time, their love and their patience to their children, both biological and through spiritual mentoring. Their selflessness is worthy of celebration, given how communities flourish as a result of their sacrifice. Choosing how to decorate a Mother’s Day church bulletin board in a manner that gives them proper homage is both a challenge and a privilege.

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Use calligraphy to transcribe scriptures that specifically honour mothers. For instance, Proverbs 31:10-12 and Proverbs 31: 25-31 are often quoted in honour of women and mothers. Titus 2:3-4 also urge women to be spiritual mothers, a comfort to many who cannot bear children themselves. You may even mention on the bulletin board that women are not “called” to be mothers–they are created as mothers. It is an intrinsic part of the female psyche that God blessed the human race with. By making this acknowledgment you honour all the women who give of their time, resources and energy so freely.

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Many mothers tend to be unsung heroes within the church. Honour the women in your church who have mentored others through difficult times and shared gardening, sewing, cooking, and child-rearing advice. Post their pictures on the bulletin board next to a brief testament to their contributions to family, church and society. Be sure to remember grandmothers who don’t have children or grandchildren nearby to bestow this honour on them. Also include single mothers whose children may not have the resources to give her gifts or treat her to a special dinner.

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Encourage the children at your church to write letters on parchment paper to their moms. You can also get volunteers to write to mothers whose children are not present or those who have no children of their own. Roll the tops and bottoms of the parchment paper with short dowel rods so that they look like small scrolls. Post these on the bulletin board and, if you have a large church, around as much of the wall surrounding the board as the scrolls can fill. It is a touching sentiment to the women in your church.

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You can also have each of the students draw a picture of their mother enjoying her favourite hobby or activity. Moms love to see pictures of themselves that their children create. This will help the children to realize that Mom is a person, too, and that she likes and deserves to do things for herself on occasion.

Mothers Day Bulletin Board Ideas