Music Bulletin Board Ideas

Music bulletin board ideas are great especially for elementary school and kids often love music too. Some great examples of this kind of bulletin board include the composer bulletin board, music appreciation board, sheet music board, as well as the concert board.

Music Bulletin Boards Ideas

A great bulletin board is the educational equivalent of a catchy highway billboard: It grabs students’ attention. A well-designed bulletin board can create interest in a project or concept and inspire students. They can also be used to highlight student achievements, create a more engaging learning environment or provide a fun and interactive learning tool. Elementary music teachers can create musically themed bulletin boards to enhance their classrooms, highlight student work and reinforce music concepts.

Bulletin Board Ideas Music

Composer bulletin boards are a great way to introduce students to classical composers. A great bulletin board for the beginning of school is entitled “Welcome Bach!” Print out a large picture of J.S. Bach and then put facts about Bach around the picture. Alternatively, teachers can create a timeline of important events in Bach’s life along the bottom. Teachers can also create a bulletin board each month featuring a different composer. Create a spotlight and a movie marquee with the composer’s name. Then, create a movie poster with a composer’s picture and facts about that composer. This will introduce students to several different composers throughout the year.

Music Bulletin Board Ideas

Music appreciation bulletin boards can encourage students to appreciate and enjoy music education. A bulletin board entitled “Get Hooked on Music” is a great way to encourage students to participate in music activities over the summer. Create a fishing scene with blue construction paper, black yarn for fishing line and fish. Draw hooks on the end of each fishing line and place a fish on each hook. On each fish, write a fun musical activity that students can do over the summer, such as attending a concert or researching a composer.

Music Bulletin Board

You could also decorate the board to look like a large page of sheet music, with staffs and musical notes. Cut out lots of big notes from a few different patterns, which you can easily make by printing out a piece of clipart. Write class notes on your musical notes, and see if your students get the pun. You could print clefs and other musical symbols, too, and scatter them around the board to make it livelier. Alternatively, you could print blank pages of sheet music and write your class announcements on the lines, then post them on the board.

Bulletin Board Ideas For Music

Dress up the bulletin board as a concert stage by attaching deep red curtains at the top and tying them off to the sides. Cut out figures of singers from construction paper, and tape them onto the board, drawing on faces. For a creative way to attach your notes, cut out big word bubbles and place them by the singers’ mouths.

Music Bulletin Boards Back To School

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