Owl Bulletin Board Ideas

Owl bulletin board ideas are very interesting and cute for preschoolers. Various styles and patterns can be used for this kind of bulletin board such as the owl cut-outs idea, interactive owl theme idea, as well as the owl personalized artwork idea.

Owl Themed Bulletin Board Ideas

Create a hoot owl bulletin board to celebrate the autumn season or to coincide with an owl-themed unit. You can plan art activities for your preschoolers and then make use of their products and homemade owls, decorate the bulletin board. Children and visitors can enjoy the artwork proudly hung on clever and creative displays.

Owl Bulletin Board

You can create a bulletin board filled with owls made by your preschoolers. Provide each child with an owl template to color. Alternatively, have each child decorate owls with craft feathers. Create a large tree using brown construction paper and attach it to the middle of the bulletin board. Place the children’s owls in and around the tree. Make or purchase letters to place the title “Preschool Is a Hoot” across the top of the bulletin board.

Cute Owl Bulletin Boards

Moreover, you can also create a bulletin board using your preschoolers’ personalized artwork. Trace each child’s hand four times on brown and orange construction paper. Have the children cut out their handprints. Help them glue their handprints together to look like feathers. Place two handprints at the top and two below, with the fingers pointing down. Curl the fingers to make more realistic feathers. Add a brown semicircle on top of the feathers for the owl’s head and have the children use black markers to draw eyes. Print your preschoolers’ names under their owls and title your bulletin board “Who’s in Preschool?”

Owl Bulletin Board Ideas

Use this bulletin board to create a fall scene or as part of a Halloween theme. Cover the bulletin board in dark blue or black paper. Draw or paint a large tree in the center of the board, with a yellow moon in the background. Have your preschoolers trace and cut out simple owl outlines. Print the children’s names on their owls and place them on tree branches. You also can have the children create leaves out of construction paper to place on the tree and ground.

Owl Bulletin Board Theme

An interactive bulletin board can be implemented with an owl theme. Ask your preschoolers to bring in baby pictures. Place a large picture of an owl in the middle of the bulletin board. Arrange the children’s pictures around the owl. Create the title “Who Is It?” to place at the top of the bulletin board. Have fun looking at the baby pictures with your preschoolers and asking them to match each picture to the correct classmate.

Owl Bulletin Boards

Another idea will be using the students’ names and put them onto the owl-themed bulletin board. It’s easy to welcome students by name with this easy bulletin board. Simply use Green Sassy Nameplates and add the first letter of each child’s name to the nameplate. Write the rest of the name on the nameplate and add a small Owl Star Cut-Out to finish it up. We used a medium piece from the Sassy Heart Create & Decorate and more 3″ Sassy Letters for the room sign. It’s pretty simple but the outcome can be very interesting.

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