Outer Space Buletin Board Ideas

If you want the “mission control” job board and aliens and spaceships, along with my blastoff, then head on for the outer space theme for!



Put up some aliens as a welcome bulletin board last year with the saying “2Cl is Out of This World!”.


Add some stars or shooting stars and let the kids decorate them on the first day of school.


To do a simple one use black bulletin board paper, cover the entire bulletin board. Add borders around the bulletin board. Use neon bulletin letters to spell out your title “A universe of possibilities… in our class!


Place the Solar System interactive poster in the center of the bulletin board and surround it with the rocket ships. Finally, add the dry erase poster.

Star Wars Themed Buletin Boards

Star Wars Themed Buletin Boards

Star Wars movie is everyone’s favourite. To make buletin boards of this theme, get some cut outs of Star Wars characters and stick on the board.

I used the Star Jedi font to make the signs. The sign on the upper left of the board says, “The Wall of Awesome”. That is a place where only learner quotes and awesome things they create is to go. Those quotes I had buried at the back of the room now have a front and center home. Now they reflect the importance they have to me.

Buried at the back says learners = unimportant. Not the message I wanted to send. I have all the rest of the room, that is their place. The fabric is, of course, Star Wars, and the border on the side is Star Wars crepe paper streamer. I wanted it to be very colorful, and it is.

We took the shirt idea and decided that since our boards were facing each other, we could, in some way, make it look like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker were “fighting” across our hallway.

Christmas Buletin Board Ideas

Looking for the perfect Christmas accent for your holiday bulletin board display? Here are a few ideas we’ve seen {and loved!} floating around the blogosphere.


Christmas trees out of colorful strips of paper? Yes please! Modern, easy to create, and festive – it’s a great alternative to the traditional green bulletin board paper triangle. Make an amazing Christmas tree with chains and lights and presents and people and snowmen and snow and flying sleighs and more trees and pines and a blazing sunshine and football players and airplanes. Well you get the idea.



You can make a snow globe with your students. Help capture the magic of winter in their own snow globes. You can easily incorporate one or more snow stories with this activity. Below you will find the patterns needed (coming soon) to create a snow globe: the globe, the base and the writing paper. Use light blue construction paper for the globe and black for the base. Ask students to decide on their favorite snow activity. They will then decorate their globe showing this scene. As students are decorating their globes, provide students with some silver glitter to add some sparkle to their globe.



Don’t have a festive border? No worries! Simply purchase solid color and patterned tissue paper – in Christmas colors/themes, of course! The result is super colorful and set-up is a snap.