Space Themed Buletin Boards Ideas

Welcome children to your classroom with this stellar bulletin board that features a large space school, robot teacher, space school bus, 5 space kids, 42 write-on/wipe-off accents (stars, meteors, comets, and asteroids), and an activity guide.




No one ever said that making a bulletin board was easy,but when you have a toolkit that contains the things youuse most often to create it, you will be one step ahead.


For space bulletin boards, prepare cutouts with planets, moons and stars. Couple with some shooting stars and spaceships.


Sports Theme Buletin Boards

A sports theme has endless possibilities, and stressing the “teamwork” aspect is a great way to get your students working together all year long. Here’s a collection of ideas to help you get your own sports themed classroom started. Create a sports themed classroom your students will love.


You may do the All-Star Behavior, which is similar to the stop light or card pulling system. The students earn fouls that are posted on their basketball around the room. Use football helmets and penalty flags for 1st down, 2nd down, etc. The job board is a field goal post. Jobs are listen on the uprights. The horizontal bar says “Teamwork.” Use clothespins with the students names to point to their job for the day.


Another ideas is by using large bulletin board that said “Give it your best shot” with a child’s basketball hoop attached to the board. On the board you may put up basketballs with kids’ names. For the class jobs, use the heading “teamwork” and have the jobs written on construction paper baseball bats — the children’s names are written on baseball mitts. For the good work board, use.the heading “Get a Kick out of learning” with a soccor ball border.


There are many other great ideas as per the pictures here. Use all your creativity and knowledge to put up a sporty bulletin boards!


Seasonal Buletin Boards for School

You may design the bulletin board into a seasonal one. For example, a stinkin’ cute is this winter bulletin board {and snowman/woman glyph crafts} that resembles Olaf in Frozen. What a fabulously fun way to herald in the season of snow! To make one, Find various interesting facts about snow to share with your students. First, learn where it comes from/how it’s formed, the uniqueness of snow crystals, etc. Add a little humor if you wish – maybe a funny reminder not to eat yellow snow or how to avoid the cartoon scissor-like-slip-and-fall when encountering slippery patches.




Even bring in a bit of history into it – get stats for the worst snowstorm in your area, bringing in a visual so students can see how high the snow was, etc. Type these various facts up, mount them onto cute patterned scrapbook paper, and display them on the bulletin board – taking time to introduce a new one every day!

For fall, you can do a scarecrow fall bulletin board. Start with a large piece of dark orange bulletin board paper, cutting a hat shape from the paper. The shape doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, a “lumpy” hat goes right along with the scarecrow “image”! Add a band of lighter orange paper and a sunflower to create visual interest and differentiate the brim from the rest of the hat. The design is super cute, but remember that you can customize the hat as you please! Add a colorful patch somewhere on the hat, use a fall leaf or colorful button cutout instead of a sunflower to decorate the band, etc.



For summer include cutouts like sun, flowers and you may also add cute butterflies and bugs into the bulletin boards for more colourful element.