Buletin Board for Home Ideas

One of the ways we’ve made our home fit our family is by adding a desk in the dining room.  I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it really helps organize papers and mail, both as they come in our home and as they go.  For holidays and parties, we just clear it off and it becomes a sideboard for serving food.  It’s become a mini-office, and a wonderful tool for keeping us organized and taming the avalanche of papers in our life.

You can turn salvaged items, fun crafting supplies, and a little creativity into bulletin boards! Whether you’re looking to get organized, display more photos, or transform a tired corkboard, these ideas are stylish and easy.

Pull out the stops to use salvaged corks for this floral-theme corkboard that is anything by boring. Form the flowers by strategically positioning stained cork ends faceup. Use a deep frame or shadow box to accommodate the depth of the corks. To stain the corks yellow and orange for the flower centers, brush watered-down acrylic paints onto the cork ends.



Bulletin boards are a utilitarian part of most offices, and I knew having one would be incredibly helpful for our family– but very ugly for our dining room.  That’s when it occurred to me I could make my own bulletin board, make it pretty, and do so for about $12.  REALLY.  It’s become one of my favorite things in our home, our beautiful family ‘command center’, sprinkled with important memos and kid produced art and special photos too.



One of the quickest and easiest ways to dress up a bulletin board for the holidays is to decorate the border of the board with a hand-crafted paper holly garland. This is a great project for busy offices that cannot put a lot of time into holiday decor or for homes with small children who need a basic craft project.



Buletin Board for Office Ideas

The old-school bulletin board is making a comeback. Today, your employees are likely inundated by electronic communication, such as email. While efforts to distribute corporate communications electronically are admirable, the information is often buried in the “I’ll read it later” folder. A tactile and visual bulletin board placed in a common area can get their attention in a way that an electronic memo may not. Keep your bulletin board dynamic and eye-catching, and your return will be in informed employees.

So much of our work-related communication is accomplished electronically that it is easy to overlook the value of an office bulletin board. But a bulletin board can serve as a useful information center for your small business or company division. The information you include on your board, as well as its design, will be influenced by the nature of your business, the image you want to convey and the character of your workplace.


Unlike before, today’s bulletin boards are themed according to the prevalent month and approaching festivities. Workplace communication tools, methods and techniques on a bulletin board could include colors, textures, sounds, and fun details that will help in getting any message across. These are just a few of the ideas that you may want to consider using the next time you make a bulletin board.


Although bulletin boards are more commonly associated with education settings, they can be used in the office to help promote teamwork and a positive atmosphere amongst employees. Create professional-looking bulletin boards with posters, cut-out letters and borders. Aside from putting in the important information about the company or other date lines, you can include motivational quotes in the bulletin boards to inspire employees.


Cartoon Themed Buletin Board

These Buletin Boards will get kids excited especially in Kindergarten and nursery schools. One can start by doing this adorable Despicable Me minion bulletin board. All you need is paper, tape, and two styrofoam bowls. Above the top of the card, add a yellow piece of paper and draw little black hairs with marker. For the eyes, use two styrofoam bowls and glue them to the yellow paper. Add pupils with black paper and some glasses/frames.


Next, is decorating the bulletin board by using characters from Frozen. This bulletin board can be located near the entrance/exit of the school, and students enjoy looking at it as they are waiting in line to enter the class, which leads to some great conversations. This bulletin board is good for winter time and one of the most popular characters is OLAF from Frozen! He is perfect to put up on your classroom bulletin boards to get across a message.



It will be fun to create super hero themed bulletin board as well. Hulk, Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman, they can be a good way to create attention amongst the children.