Library Bulletin Board Ideas

Library bulletin board ideas can spice up the ambience in a library, be it public or school library. Various themes ideas can be incorporated and some great examples include the book review theme, apple tree theme, seasonal theme, as well as the event posting idea.

School Library Bulletin Board Ideas

Bulletin board displays are an easy and creative way to spice up the décor in a library, brighten the walls and educate library patrons about the resources the library has to offer. Whether you’re a public librarian or a school media specialist, you can use bulletin boards to entice your library patrons to read throughout the year.

Library Bulletin Board

Library patrons or school students can fill out a brief book review form on any books they enjoyed reading in the library. These forms can then go on a “Recommended Reading” bulletin board display so that other library patrons or students will be prompted to read those books. The display could even be illustrated with pictures of the book covers, or book marks with book characters on them.

Library Bulletin Board Ideas

A basic apple tree shape made from paper can be the centerpiece for a bulletin board. Then when students or young library patrons finish reading a book, the librarian can help them write their name along with the book’s title and author on a paper cutout of an apple. Then they can display their apple on the tree and watch as the tree blossoms with the books other readers have finished.

Ideas For Library Bulletin Board

Seasonal bulletin boards help to tie in seasons and holidays with books that have similar themes. For instance, a Halloween bulletin board might contain reviews of popular vampire fiction while a Christmas theme might have holiday books for children and adults. A springtime bulletin board could feature books on gardening and home cleaning while a summer bulletin board could feature beach reads.

Creative Library Bulletin Board Ideas

A motivational bulletin board theme for a library is a celebration of authors’ birthdays. Update it at the beginning of each month with information on authors for that month. Feature authors of children’s books, as well as the classics, to motivate young readers to search out their works. Consider promoting a reading contest to further entice pupils.


Posting current events on a library bulletin board presents an opportunity to feature other subjects in addition to literature. History, science, geography, music, art and computer science can all be integrated into the display. Teachers can coordinate subject matter with the librarian that will overlap with current lesson plans. Class trips to the library can incorporate lesson plans that start at the bulletin board and continue with research on the assigned topic.


Buletin Board Decorating Ideas

If you are a crafty or creative person, then you need a place to organize your ideas, and bulletin board hanging on the wall might be a useful. You likely need a physical place to put drawings, cut outs, ideas and more so bulletin boards always come in handy.


You can also resulted to high end cork boards from the supermarket but inexpensive cork boards from office stores are much more budget-friendly and they can be customized with paint or fabric for a more luxe appearance. A way to decorate the Bulletin board is by using some salvaged items, fun crafting supplies, and a little creativity. Whether you’re looking to get organized, display more photos, or transform a tired corkboard, these ideas are stylish and easy to do. You can also DIY Bulletin Board using fabric or Chickenwire mesh as the backing.

Finished 001

Otherwise, you could recycle old supplies and make new bulletin board decorations. You can use any fall colored decorations or fall themed food in your thanksgiving bulletin board. When you decorate for the winter themed holidays try to purchase or make decorations that would be appropriate for more than one holiday. Tree decorations that may typically be used in the spring can be transformed into an autumn tree with the addition of some brightly colored leaves that you can find outside your house.


Look at what you have available to you when you are making your bulletin board and try to incorporate those things into your decorating ideas. When it comes to craft and decorating projects, wine corks are always crowd pleasers and you can use them to decorate the boards. They’re so versatile and have such great texture that adds a touch of nature to any room, you have to use them if you have a pile of corks idling in your kitchen.


Olympic Bulletin Board Ideas

Olympic bulletin board ideas are indeed a unique bulletin board to have in a classroom especially for students to have a better idea of the world-class sports events. Various ideas can be used for decorating and designing the board. Some great examples include the Olympic history board, the Olympic torch board, as well as the Olympic medal theme board.

Ideas For Olympic Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards can be an effective way to explain a general topic and engage students about a particular event. The Olympics are one of the world’s largest sporting events and occur every two years, alternating between summer and Winter Games. With a bulletin board, you can teach students about the history of this athletic gathering and the sports involved.

Olympic Bulletin Board Decoration

The Olympics originated with an ancient Greek tradition of holding sporting events between neighbouring city-states. The tradition was revived in the 19th century and became a global event. Illustrate the history of the Olympics with a time line of major events. Include ancient Greek events, like the discus throw and footraces. Add pictures of more contemporary moments, like the 1936 Olympics hosted by Nazi Germany, where Jesse Owens, a black American track athlete, won four gold medals, striking a blow against the racist beliefs of the Nazis, who considered Owens to be of an “inferior” race.

Olympic Bulletin Board Ideas

You may also encourage students to keep reading over the summer months, with an Olympic torch-themed bulletin board. Post a large visual of the Olympic torch, with a phrase such as “Carry on the reading torch!” Include a list of age-appropriate books on the board, shaped as medals or mini torches that have to do with the Olympics, Greek culture, or sports players. Students who have a suggested book list are more likely to read during the summer months than those who don’t know what to read.

Olympic Bulletin Board

Olympic medal ceremonies honour gold medallists by playing the national anthem of their home country. A notice board illustrates the use of anthems by displaying gold medallists – recognisable or memorable athletes make the best choices – with their picture, name and sport, as well as the country they represent and the words to their national anthem. The board should introduce athletes and anthems from around the world, with at least one popular gold medallist from the students’ home country, showing the symbolic connection between music, sports heroes and national pride.

Olympic Theme Bulletin Board Ideas

Olympic athletes come from all around the world, and there might be one or more from your local area. Research any local Olympic competitors and write a short biography to help students connect the global event to their hometown. If you can’t find any local athletes, highlighting a sport that is popular locally, like hockey in Canada, can show how the Olympics relate to your area.

Olympic Torch Bulletin Board Ideas