Office Bulletin Board Ideas

Office bulletin board ideas have the potential to adjust the atmosphere and increase the productivity of the employees. Various creative ideas can be used for making the board and there is almost no limit for the ideas as long as you can think of it.

Bulletin Board Ideas For Office

Workplace bulletin boards are used to lighten the mood and help inform employees of upcoming events and new policies. Avoid the use of juvenile-looking visual aids, especially if the boards are displayed in areas where clients or customers might see them. Consider purchasing posters and professional visual aids, such as pre-formed letters, from craft or teacher supply stores.

Office Bulletin Board Ideas 1

Although many workers may have a personal calendar at their workspace, create an oversized calendar that features important events for the entire company. Include items such as meetings and deadlines, and worker anniversary dates. Posting a comprehensive calendar helps workers to understand the bigger picture, and better relate with coworkers in other departments. Make sure to clearly mark events that have changed dates. Consider decorating the bulletin board with colors or photos that relate to the time of year.

Office Bulletin Board

Get employees involved in the bulletin board by allowing them to post their favorite quotes for their fellow comrades to see. Select a new employee each month so that the board does not become cluttered. This will be an enriching way for the employees to share their ideals and express their personalities to one another. Who would have guessed that Mary from the copy editing department was a David Bowie fan?

Office Bulletin Board Ideas

Recognizing peers for achievements helps promote teamwork and fosters an environment of support for the staff. Being on the receiving end of the recognition helps the staff members feel appreciated and motivates them to continue working hard. The staff members can add praises for their colleagues at any time to the bulletin board. You can either have them write it directly on background paper or provide die-cut shapes on which they can write. The person giving the recognition simply writes who they want to recognize and why.

Office Bulletin Idea

Let each department take a turn decorating the bulletin board. Encourage the departments to use creativity to make an entertaining or informational bulletin board display. This helps share the responsibility of keeping the bulletin board updated and keeps it interesting by pulling ideas from different people within the company. You can set a particular guidelines for the display or leave everything up to each department.

Home Office Bulletin Board

Humor helps alleviate stress. A bulletin board dedicated to humor gives the staff a place to find a laugh when work is causing them stress. Comic strips, jokes or humorous pictures work well for the display. The staff members can add to the bulletin board display for more variety. Monitor the bulletin board carefully to ensure no one places any inappropriate or offensive jokes on the display. Also avoid making fun of any of the staff as part of the joke. This can cause hurt feelings and cause friction in the workplace. Change the jokes frequently to keep the bulletin board fresh.

Fun Office Bulletin Board Ideas

Fall Bulletin Board

There are various themes for a fall bulletin board. This type of bulletin board can be used to convey various ideas and messages to the audience with different decorations. Some great examples include the fall leaves, autumn tree, as well as a fall reading board.

Christian Fall Bulletin Board

Cool breezes and changing leaves mark the beginning of autumn in our communities. This mirthful time of the year sweeps us into the jovial holiday season. Perk up the bulletin board in your organization, school or workplace with information people can use. Create eye-catching displays that provide accurate information on a variety of serious and spirited topics.

Fall Bulletin Board

A pertinent topic in the autumn news cycle is influenza prevention, highlighted in November with Flu Prevention Month. Public places like schools and offices offer the perfect environment for transmission of this virus from person to person. This practical fall bulletin board theme idea educates people on the basic recommended practices to prevent getting and spreading the flu. Offer directions on how to properly wash your hands and the use of antibacterial hand gels. Post statistics about the flu from last year, then keep your bulletin board current by adding current influenza infection and mortality statistics provided by the weekly Influenza Surveillance Report supplied by the official website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Additional information can include places to get a low-cost or free flu shot.

Fall Bulletin Board 1

Fall Church Bulletin Board Ideas

An autumn tree is a natural option for an autumn bulletin board display. Brown craft paper works well to create the trunk of the tree. You can use brown tempera paint to create a bark-like appearance on the paper. There are a number of ways to add the fall leaves to the tree. Tracing the kids’ hands on fall-colored paper creates distinct “leaves” that represent each child. Another option is to cut out leaf shapes and let the kids’ sponge paint them in fall colors. You can also add each child’s picture to a leaf for a personal touch.

Preschool Fall Bulletin Board

Reading bulletin boards are a popular option since reading is such a critical skill for kids. Gather a list of several autumn-themed books at a reading level appropriate for the students. For a visual display, photocopy the covers of the books for the bulletin board. You can also write the titles and authors on leaves, acorns, apples or other fall shapes. Leave out additional fall shapes so the kids can add their own fall-themed books to the bulletin board. A catchy title, such as “Fall into Reading” completes the bulletin board display.

Fall Bulletin Board 2

Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

A pumpkin-patch bulletin board incorporates another major component of autumn. Decorate the entire bulletin board to look like a pumpkin patch. A brown background creates the look of dirt. Cut out lots of large pumpkins. Create vines by twisting green or brown paper and stapling it to the board. Have the kids write their stories on the pumpkins or glue a copy of the story to the middle of each pumpkin. Write the child’s name on a leaf and attach it to the corresponding pumpkin.

Bulletin Board Ideas for Fall Thanksgiving

Music Bulletin Board Ideas

Music bulletin board ideas provide students a central place for learning music-related topics and enable them to learn more effectively. Various themes and décor ideas can be incorporated and it will surely be helpful for them to absorb the concepts.

Music education can be incorporated into general classroom lessons or taught in depth during music class. Using bulletin boards allows teachers to address musical subjects in a visual way, which will help students learn the information. Whether you teach music specifically or just want to tie the subject into a particular unit of study, you have many choices when it comes to topics for musical bulletin boards.

Ideas For Music Bulletin Boards

A bulletin board about music and trends allows your students to understand and appreciate music more. Some great board ideas on this topic include trends in music in different eras, cultural and regional trends and a brief history of how music has evolved over time. Specifically, you can focus on building an appreciation of different cultures when you introduce types of music from specific regions, such as African music, music from the Middle East and music trends from different states in the U.S.

Music Bulletin Boards Ideas

A great music terms section will focus on a variety of concepts. Students learning about music need to master vocabulary. When you focus on vocabulary pick only a couple of relevant words at a time. For example, point out the difference between pitch and tone or what harmony and rhythm are.

Musical Themed Bulletin Board Ideas

You could also decorate the board to look like a large page of sheet music, with staffs and musical notes. Cut out lots of big notes from a few different patterns, which you can easily make by printing out a piece of clipart. Write class notes on your musical notes, and see if your students get the pun. You could print clefs and other musical symbols, too, and scatter them around the board to make it livelier. Alternatively, you could print blank pages of sheet music and write your class announcements on the lines, then post them on the board.

Music Bulletin Board Ideas 1

For a more permanent and artistic bulletin board, have art students design and paint a mural on the wall. It could incorporate space for small chalk boards or dry erase boards within the design, working them into the mural. They might be disguised as music stands, for instance. Talk with the artists about what you’d like, and look over the designs, but let them have some creative freedom. This is a great way to encourage interdisciplinary artistic endeavours, which often help creativity to blossom.

Music Bulletin Board Ideas

When you are studying different genres of music, create a bulletin board to go along with your unit. The board should have the title of the genre, along with other related concepts such as instruments used, famous songs, well-known musicians, definitions and historical facts. For instance, if you are studying country music, you could include pictures of guitars, basses, steel guitars, fiddles and banjos. For well-known musicians, you could add pictures of George Jones, Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash, alongside modern musicians such as Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton.

Bulletin Board Ideas Music

It is helpful for your students to learn the elements of music, including a variety of music styles such as classical, rock, country and jazz. Get creative and display popular styles including funk, pop and hip-hop. These creative styles illustrate technology in music and also engage students. In this section talk about the history of the style, along with current trends and popular performers.