Reading Bulletin Board Ideas

Reading bulletin board is a good way to encourage the cultivation of the reading habit in students. There are many different reading bulletin board ideas that can be implemented and some great examples include the spring-themed bulletin board idea, and also the Christmas or winter themed bulletin board.

Reading Bulletin Board Ideas Elementary

There are many ways to decorate a bulletin board in order to inspire people to read books. Simple themes can point the person toward a variety of subjects. Many people do not realize how many books there are on certain subjects, such as self-help books that inspire you to reach a certain goal, subjects that educate you on how to strengthen your knowledge or those that can help you in your spiritual walk. There are various themes that can be employed for this kind of bulletin board.

Reading Bulletin Board Ideas For Teachers

When you want to create a notice board that covers a variety of subjects, use the theme “spring into learning.” Decorate the board as a marsh with water, reeds and green plants, and depict construction paper frogs leaping from lily pad to lily pad. On each frog, draw a representation of a new concept or lesson that you will introduce during the semester: a picture of a book cover, math formula, scientific diagram, or map.

Fall Reading Bulletin Board Ideas

For a science-themed spring notice board, use a concept that relates to spring. You might create a diagram of a growing flower or tree, where you label the parts and paste on actual seeds and leaves for a tactile experience. If your students will be learning about mammals in science, make a baby animal notice board to teach students the names and gestation times of different animals. For a bright, colorful notice board, illustrate the life cycle of a large butterfly. Choose a concept that relates to your specific lessons so that the board will reinforce classroom studies.

Christmas Reading Bulletin Board Ideas

For an English classroom or reading group project, make a reading garden notice board for spring. Make a flower for each child and cut three-inch sections of stems that can be added for each book completed. When a child finishes reading a new book, he can add a new section of stem to his flower, making it grow. You can make the notice board into a contest by giving a prize to the first child who reaches the top of the board.

Reading Bulletin Board Ideas

A notice board that has various pictures of wrapped presents is sure to draw the attention of students. Twist brown paper to resemble the bottom of a Christmas tree. Place this at the top of the board. Add a layer of fabric to make a tree skirt. Create several presents using cardboard wrapped with various kinds of wrapping paper, ribbons, bows and name tags. Make it appear that one of the presents has been opened and that a book is peeking through the top. Add the title, “Give the Gift of Reading.” This notice board can remind students that it is a gift for them to have access to books and the ability to read.


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