Safari Themed Buletin Board Ideas

This theme is great for 1st grade classroom. So here are some picture from those two classrooms that I hope “LEAF” you feeling inspired!


Here are some more zoo/safari/jungle inspired sayings for your classroom:

Roaring  Readers! (or fill in the blank) decorated with any animal that roars

We’re Wild about (blank) !

Climbing to Excellence!  (or fill in the blank) decorated with monkeys

Behavior chart: Zoo Warning! Wild Behavior is NOT allowed!

ADDING these items will make the bulletin boards look real and wilder such as fake foliage or animal print fabric , stuffed animals, safari hats, binoculars, use animal-print pillow cases to create comfy reading opportunities, invest in one item that will really make a statement.



Apply this for the the hall board, make a Lion dressed in safari outfit says ” We’re jumping through hoops for our safari adventure into kindergarten,” and it has little animals with the kids names on animals jumping through hoops.



For reading area, make a tree with branches over hanging from the ceiling and for the bookshelves glue some bamboo sticks that can be bought from a dollar store or simply collect them from the park.


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