Science Bulletin Board Ideas

Science bulletin board is very common nowadays in various schools and it’s considered an effective way for students to learn more about Science. Designing and decorating this kind of board may need some creative ideas so as to inspire the students. Some examples include the Solar System theme, scientific method, as well as the Earth and space science.

Science Bulletin Board Ideas

Bulletin boards are a good way to break down information so that it is easily understood. Nowhere is this more important than in science classes, particularly in physical sciences. Geology, biology, chemistry and physics are all classes that could benefit from the use of bulletin boards to simplify the concepts that are discussed in class as well as to provide a handy reminder for formulae.

Science Bulletin Boards

For younger students who are just beginning to learn about weight and measurement (specifically about the multiple systems of weight and measurement), a bulletin board may be an easy way of displaying this information. Rather than just putting up the formulas for converting inches to centimetres or pounds to kilograms though, it should be made more personal to the students. Measure the students’ height in inches and then show them how to convert it to centimetres. Do the same with their weight. Once that’s done, make a bulletin board featuring each student with their different heights and weights. This may help students build a firm grasp of these concepts that will be helpful later in chemistry and physics classes where knowledge of multiple systems is necessary.

Earth Science Bulletin Board Ideas

You can also create a vivid solar system display that not only brightens your room, but also encourages little ones to learn valuable scientific facts. Cover the board in dark blue or black felt. Crafting felt can be purchased in sheets or rolls at most retail art supply stores. Each circle will represent one of the planets and the sun, so choose appropriate colours. Use a fine paint brush and non-toxic acrylic paints to add details. Lay the finished planets on top of the covered felt board; they should stick to the background. If the felt does not stick together, add small pieces of double sided tape to the backs of the planets. Kids can have fun moving the planets into different positions around the sun and redecorating the bulletin board.

Science Bulletin Board Ideas For Elementary

For those who have reached high school sciences, things may get a little more complicated. A helpful idea for a physical science bulletin board is to use it to lay out scientific laws and the formulae associated with those laws. For instance, students may understand that gravity exists, but they may have trouble remembering the exact wording of the law and just what gravity’s acceleration is supposed to be. The same goes for the laws of thermodynamics and the laws of energy.

Science Bulletin Board Ideas For Teachers

A bulletin board detailing the scientific method will help students remember and implement the steps involved in scientific observation. A simple board with each step listed in the correct order will serve as a good reference for a classroom. Design a larger, more detailed board catered to a specific experiment that allows students to add their own ideas and observations for classroom review. Include an area next to each step where students can tape note cards with their theories and observations to bulletin board.

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