September Bulletin Board Ideas

September bulletin board ideas can have many different themes and purposes. Some great examples of this kind of bulletin board include the back-to-school bulletin board, summer vacation themed bulletin board, and also the Labour Day themed bulletin board.

September Bulletin Boards

In the busy, back-to-school month of September, teachers welcome children to the classroom for another year of learning. Your bulletin board may be the first thing a child notices when he enters your room. Choose bulletin board themes depicting autumn colours and familiar fall images to decorate classroom boards. Bulletin boards add visual interest to the class environment and also serve as informational or educational tools.

September Bulletin Board Ideas

Back-to-School bulletin board is perhaps the most popular one. You can begin by covering your board in yellow background paper. Make a border out of fall-coloured, construction-paper leaves. Place the words, “Look What September Blew In” across the top of the board. Cut out red, yellow and orange construction-paper leaves to hang in the centre of the board. Place the leaves in a random pattern, facing up or down, as if they are swirling in the wind. Write the names of your students on the leaves. Add interest to the board by taking a picture of each student on the first day of school and adding the photos to the named leaves.

September Bulletin Board

Summer vacation will still be present in students’ minds when they step back into the classroom in September. A bulletin board about summer vacation will help kids get into the habit of school, while still allowing them to celebrate their summer fun a little longer. Have students write or draw on a square of blank paper about what they did on vacation and where they went. Kids can take turns putting pins on a map to show off their summer trip destinations, and connect their pin to the square they created with brightly coloured string. This is also an opportunity for kids to bring in show-and-tell items from summer, and affix them creatively to the bulletin board.

Sept Bulletin Board Ideas

Many students don’t come back to school until after Labour Day, but a September bulletin board with a Labour Day theme can give them a chance to learn what’s behind this important holiday. Since it is a holiday celebrating workers, it also gives young kids a chance to start learning about jobs and career choices. Decorate a bulletin board with job category labels, and throughout the month, have kids bring in magazine pictures or newspaper articles about different jobs in these categories. You can also make a “rainbow of jobs” bulletin board, to help children learn about and appreciate all the different kinds of jobs that adults do.

September Bulletin Board Ideas Preschool

You can also make a bulletin-board display that not only welcomes students, but also welcomes the fall season. Cover the back of the bulletin board with black paper. Use brown paper to create the trunk and branches of a large tree in the centre of the board. On the first day of school, explain to children that they are going to help make a classroom display. Provide them with templates of leaves and white paper. Instruct children to trace the leaves onto the paper and cut them out. Then have children colour their leaves with crayons. Write children’s names on their leaves. Staple the leaves on the board so that some are hanging off the branches, some look like they’re floating to the ground and some are scattered on the ground.

September Bulletin Board Themes

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