Snowman Bulletin Board Ideas

Snowman bulletin board ideas are usually an interesting aspect for elementary school or even high school as they are able to cultivate the creativity of the students besides presenting academic information.

Seasonal bulletin boards add a decorative touch to the room while offering educational opportunities for the kids. Snowmen bulletin boards work well during the winter months because they are a popular symbol of the season. Involving the kids in creating the snowman decorations makes the board more meaningful to them.

Turn the bulletin board into a large, interactive felt board. Felt is sold on bolts in fabric stores allowing you to purchase a piece large enough to cover the bulletin board. Blue works well as the background. Cut out various sizes of circles from white felt. The kids stick the circles on the bulletin board to create snowmen. Cut out snowman details from other colours of felt. The kids can create their own custom snowmen on the board during free time. This allows the board to engage the kids and change frequently for interest.

Glyphs use a picture to represent statistical information. In this case, the image used is a snowman. Each child starts with the same basic snowman shape. The details of the snowmen vary by student depending on their answer to certain questions or personal details. Create a different question or statement for each detail of the snowmen. Examples include how the child gets to school, age, gender, pets, favourite dessert or whether or not the child has siblings. Each statement or question is then associated with a particular detail of the snowmen. Create a key for each element. Riding the bus equals a yellow scarf, walking equals a blue scarf, riding a bike equals a green scarf and getting a ride from a parent is a red scarf. The child selects the appropriate answer and colours his snowman’s scarf accordingly. The questions and corresponding detail options are flexible. Make them fit your specific class. Post a copy of the key so when visitors look at the bulletin board display they can interpret the information.

Blizzard is another one that uses class participation. Cut out a large snowman shape for the middle of the display. Let the kids glue on cotton balls to create a snowy appearance. Add other details to the snowman. Each child then creates a paper snowflake to create a blizzard around the snowman. Each snowflake will look different just as real snowflakes are all different. Staple the snowflakes all around the snowman to complete the display.

Another fun winter bulletin board idea for high school is a snowflake poem. For this idea you will need a hat, glitter, glue, construction paper, pencils, and poems about winter. Start by providing high school students with copies of several poems about winter. Have the class read the poems together aloud. Ask each student to think of one word that reminds them of winter. Write all of the words on the board. Also write each word on a piece of paper, fold it up, and put it in the hat. Discuss how the words could be arranged into a poem about winter. Have each high school kid draw a word from the hat. Instruct students to write the word they have chosen on a piece of construction paper with the pencil. Then trace the pencil line with glue. Sprinkle glitter on top and shake off excess. You may also include snowman-related d├ęcor for this idea.

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