Summer Bulletin Board Ideas

To liven up the bulletin board, either for pre-school or elementary, various summer bulletin board ideas can be employed. These ideas can be a lot of fun to the kids and make their learning experience more enjoyable and interesting. Some examples of ideas include the picnic theme, ocean theme, as well as beach theme.

Notice boards are an effective way to communicate information in a fun and interesting manner. They are not only practical, but notice boards also serve to add splashes of colour and decoration to any classroom. Whether the students are actually present for classes during the summer (since some schools have year-round classes) doesn’t necessarily matter, as long as you can get students involved via a summer-themed notice board.

One idea for a summer notice board is to incorporate a picnic theme into the design. There should be a large, checkered tablecloth section, green paper for grass and blue paper for the sky. Hand out paper plates to students, and make sure the plates are either big or small enough that they can all fit on the checkered section of the notice board. Students should make a collage on their plate of their favourite foods, and they should also put their name on the plate. When the students are finished, paste or staple the plates onto the checkered section of the notice board.

Another idea for a summer-themed notice board is to design it around a holiday such as the 4th of July. Use black paper for a night’s sky, glue and coloured glitter. Let your students make patterns on the black paper with the glue, and then sprinkle the glitter over the glue so that it looks like fireworks going off in the dark. This notice board is appropriate for closing out the school year and reminding students that summer vacation is coming up, so they have a long break to look forward to.

Whether used as a welcoming notice board or as a way to keep track of members of a class, the splash into summer theme is one of the easier ones to make. You need blue paper and some fish. Each student should write his name on a fish and then glue the fish to the board. It’s a “school.” It may be a good idea to get different fish, showing that even though students are all different, they’re all in this together. To extend the summer theme, you can have people fishing, a traditional summer activity.

Cover the entire door in blue paper to represent the ocean. Give children colouring pages with outlines of fish. Once they decorate them, they can cut them out to get practice with scissors. Then glue a picture of each child’s face onto his or her fish and attach them to the ocean. You can also use cut-outs of lobsters, whales or other sea creatures. Add a headline like “We’re Swimming in Fun!”

Near the end of summer, make a “back to school” theme board to get children ready for the fall. Even though most preschools run year-round, this will help children prepare for the fall transition to school that will happen later when they enter kindergarten. Cut out some school bus shapes and put children’s pictures in the windows. You can also make a picture of the school and put children in those windows. Add a caption of “It’s Going to Be a Great Year!” or “Fall into Learning!”

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