April Bulletin Board Ideas

April can be a brilliant theme for a bulletin board for school especially kindergarten or elementary. Various themes related to the month of April can be employed such as the Easter theme, spring theme, or even the Earth Day theme.

April Bulletin Board Ideas Preschool

The class bulletin board is a place for you and your students to express yourselves and celebrate special times of the year. April can be an exciting time for both students and teachers – the snow is melting, and summer vacation is just around the corner. Don’t let April pass you by without decorating your board to celebrate the changing seasons.

April Bulletin Board Ideas

You can celebrate the melting of snow and the emergence of foliage and wildlife by turning the bulletin board into a lush, grassy field. Use light blue butcher paper to cover the board, giving the appearance of a blue sky. You can cut out and glue green construction paper to give a grassy effect, making the field itself. Think of different ways to decorate the field with the names of your students. For example, print out cartoon flowers, rabbits or bees, and write your students names on them – attach them to the board.

April Bulletin Boards

When Easter falls in April, rabbits are a recognizable icon of the season. Use a rabbit-oriented pun as a board theme, like “Hop into a good book” or “Some bunny loves to read.” Decorate the board with cutouts of rabbits, Easter eggs, Easter baskets and other simple, recognizable shapes. Decide on a way to label them that reflects what you have learned in class lately – for example, you may write the names of books you have read, or the different genres you have studied as a class.

April Bulletin Board Ideas For Teachers

If you have younger students, they may enjoy being involved in the decorating process. Since April is typically a month characterized by rain, clouds and mud puddles, embrace it with a weather theme. Your students could trace their shoe prints onto brown construction paper, cut them out and write their names on them – posting them on the board will look like muddy footprints. You could also utilize an “April showers” theme, and have your students cut construction paper raindrops to post on the board.


Most school districts have a spring break sometime in late March or early April. In addition, prom season starts at the end of the April. Help students make wise party choices with an It’s Party Time bulletin board. To do this, cover a bulletin board with bright paper. Divide the bulletin board however you wish to include safety topics pertinent to your students. For instance, the left third of the board could have a car on it and be devoted to road safety for travelers. The middle could have a beach scene for those going somewhere warmer on spring break. Include sun and water safety in this part of the bulletin board.

April Bulletin Board

April is home to Earth Day, which lends itself to the opportunity to teach students about a variety of topics, all compatible with a basic Earth Day-themed bulletin board. Cover the bulletin board with a large map of the world, and create a border using items from the topic you will be covering the most. For example, you can put up types of recyclables or endangered species. As you study about the topics and the students learn of their impact throughout the world, they can attach a marker of the items to the region that is affected by it. Students can place small bottles of water on the map to represent water consumption or a plume of smog to represent carbon emissions. A finished bulletin board that has shown the impact of any of the topics can serve as a great visual aid for students to help them comprehend the information that is learned.

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