Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

Christian bulletin board ideas are widely implemented in most of the Christian schools. There are various ideas for this kind of bulletin board. Some examples include the Christmas bulletin board, Easter bulletin board, bible-themed bulletin board, as well as the thanksgiving bulletin board.

Christmas, Palm Sunday, Easter and Thanksgiving are all religious holidays celebrated during the regular school year. Christian school teachers need a fresh approach to help them teach and inform as they decorate their classrooms. A bright, bold bulletin board is an excellent way to welcome Christian kids to Children’s Church, Sunday school or to their Christian school class. Bulletin boards are an excellent way to post children’s work for parents and church members to enjoy.

Christian Bulletin Boards

Christmas bulletin boards can be both festive and serious. Place black paper over the bulletin board. Draw a silhouette of a Christmas night sky with chalk. Conversely, you can create a negative photographic image on the board with white paper and place cut out black silhouettes of Christmas Eve scenes, such as the shepherds’ tending their flocks or the nativity. For a more festive effect, use two contrasting holiday colours, such as red and green.


Moreover, you can also put up a bright background on the bulletin board. Trace large palm leaves onto green construction paper. Have the students cut them out and write “hosanna” on them. Place them all over the board, stapling them in the middle so the ends can wave. For a different option, cover the board in brown. Draw a simple city outline in the background. Cut smaller palm leaves and cover the bottom fourth of the board with the leaves. Place Jesus on a donkey, riding on top of the leaves. Line the board with people made out of felt.

Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

A thanksgiving bulletin board is great for celebrating the day. You may cover the bulletin board with orange construction paper. Put a large tree in the middle of the board. Write a fact about Thanksgiving on each leaf that goes on the tree. In the big branches of the tree, place a featherless turkey. Have each student write a blessing on a turkey feather and add it to the turkey. A variation would be to write facts on the feathers and blessings on the leaves. Use different backgrounds to change the look of the board. Laminate and save the tree to use from year to year.

Christian Bulletin Board

God’s Tool Belt is easy to build and requires few materials. To begin, cover the entire board in all black and trim all the edges with red crepe paper or cardboard edging. Pick up some black velvet or velour material to craft the tool bag. White or silver piping makes a vibrant belt buckle. Cut out the phrase “God’s Tool Belt” and centre it in the top middle of the board. Use a craft pattern or cut out freehand a tool belt with waist apron strings. Put two square pockets on the main front square and attach a small side pocket to the left. Sew on a small loop on the right string; tie together wood sticks or raffia straw into a cross shape and insert into the loop. You’ll need a fake dove to insert in the left side pocket, plastic word phrases you can pick up at a school or party supply store–for example, “grace” or “forgiveness”–and a miniature Bible cover for the right side main pocket. White stitching lining the seams of this entire belt makes the black material stand out.

Christian School Bulletin Board Ideas

For a brightly coloured board you can put up and enjoy all throughout Easter season, a springtime-themed board is fun to make and pretty to look at when completed. To begin, cover the entire board in white. Use a flower pattern with greens and blues and yellow to trim all the edges. Next, pick up two large pink butterflies and attach in the upper left and right hand corners. You will need to attach six dark green plastic plates in the top centre. Cut the word “spring” out in big white letters and put a single letter in each plate. Underneath that, use light-green paper and print out two Bible verses that reflect springtime themes–rebirth, forgiveness, love and Jesus’ crucifixion–for example, Ephesians 4:23. The last step is to use blue paper and a marker and write the phrases “New Beginnings” and “New Life” and attach at the bottom. Scatter pretty daisies or sunflowers cut-outs around the board to fill in the empty spaces.

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