Sunday School Bulletin Board Ideas

Sunday school bulletin board ideas are great since they are able to convey information, messages, religious stories, or even life lessons to students in a more creative way. Some excellent examples include the biblical stories themed bulletin board, “Reminders of God in Everyday Life” themed bulletin board, as well as the Nativity themed bulletin board.

Sunday School Bulletin Board Ideas

Many children go to Sunday school to learn about a particular denomination of Christianity or the religion in general. Therefore, creating bulletin boards that engage them in both the important components of the religion and the learning process is an intriguing and appropriate method to employ in your class.

Sunday School Bulletin Boards

You can create an illustrated representation of various stories in the Bible throughout the school year. Once again, students may contribute their own drawings, paintings, etc. to this project. Illustrate how God created the world in Genesis, or how Jesus taught his followers to act by using parables. Staple a large boat to the bulletin board, and have each child in the class draw a different pair of animals to represent the story of Noah and the flood.

Bulletin Board Ideas For Sunday School Class

Remind students that God is present in their lives every day through using easy-to-understand words and images. For example, use quotations such as “7 Days without Prayer Makes 1 Weak” and write examples of how and when to pray on the board. Another option would be to incorporate the United States of America and remind the students how God is mentioned in our Pledge of Allegiance, thereby paying homage to him from our country.

Bulletin Boards For Sunday School

A religious Christmas celebration isn’t complete without a nativity. A bulletin board is ideal for displaying pictures and cut-outs of Jesus’ birth. Traditional nativities depict Joseph and Mary with the baby Jesus, often surrounded by animals and shepherds. Other elements include a stable, a manager for the baby, a star, angels and wise men. Include Sunday school children in creating the display, either by letting them place the pieces on the board or by having them draw and decorate the pieces themselves.

Ssunday School Bulletin Board

Count down to Christmas with a bulletin board display featuring a picture, scripture, quote, treat or other item for each day of December up until Christmas day. Advent displays can take many forms. A traditional advent calendar simply displays the days leading up to Christmas, which are marked off each day. Another option is to staple small boxes or cartons to the bulletin board, filling each with a surprise such as a toy or a treat. Children can take turns opening one box each day.

Sunday School Bulletin Board Ideas For Easter

A bulletin board display themed around gifts can help children understand the true spirit of giving. On one side of the board, mount pictures of the wise men carrying gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to Jesus. On the other side of the board, display pictures depicting gifts that Jesus gave to the world. These might include tangible items such as water, sunlight, plants and animals, or it could be principles and ideas such as forgiveness, charity and love.

Sunday School Bulletin Boards Ideas

Encourage class members to reflect on their own experiences of faith and doubt by preparing autobiographies or journals. Provide starter questions, which can begin as simply as asking adults to identify people, events and experiences that have been significant to their spiritual formation. Though this kind of self-awareness is essential, the community will be strengthened if class members can be encouraged to share these intimate thoughts with each other.

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