November Bulletin Board Ideas

There are varieties of November bulletin board ideas which can be employed for preschools, elementary schools, or even high schools. Some of the ideas include the thanksgiving themed bulletin board, winter themed bulletin board, as well as the National Parfait Day themed bulletin board.

November Bulletin Board Ideas Preschool

November marks not only Thanksgiving but also the changing of the seasons. In addition to providing a display place for festive fall colours and holiday-related themes, November bulletin boards present an opportunity to teach children to be thankful for things in their lives.

November School Bulletin Board Ideas

The plethora of fresh produce and hand-butchered meats that the diners feasted upon at the original Thanksgiving differ greatly from the canned and preservative-laden food that graces the modern Thanksgiving table. Engage students in an exploration of what made the menu for the original Thanksgiving feast. Prepare your bulletin board by using brown bulletin board paper to create a Thanksgiving table top. Provide students access to print and online resources and ask them to seek out information about the items enjoyed by the pilgrims and Indians when they originally sat down to break bread. After students have completed their research, create a list of menu items on the board that they discovered. Divide students up and assign each student group several menu items. Ask the students to create the menu items that they were assigned using construction paper. On the construction paper food, ask the students to write a several-sentence explanation telling what the food is, how it was made, and who contributed the food to the feast. Place these paper foods on the Thanksgiving table bulletin board.

Bulletin Board Ideas For November

While it does not get the same buzz as the more historically significant Thanksgiving, November is also Peanut Butter Lover’s Month. Engage your students in a playful exploration of this popular food by letting them play peanut-butter chef. To create this bulletin board, cover your board surface with paper or fabric. Decorate the board with cooking-themed images such as aprons and cooking utensils. Create enlarged copies of a simple recipe card. Ask students to put on their thinking-chef’s hats and develop a peanut-butter based recipe. Encourage the students to be outlandish in their recipe creation, incorporating uncommon ingredients to make a truly unique culinary concoction. After students have written out the recipes, provide them with art supplies and drawing paper, and ask them to draw a picture of their mouth-watering dish. Place the students’ created recipes and accompanying pictures on the classroom bulletin board.

November Bulletin Board Ideas

The month of November is suggested to be the reverse weather image of March, which is coming in like a lamb and coming out like a lion. When the weather changes to reflect the upcoming colder months, some men grow beards and moustaches to shield their faces from the harsh wind and cold that November brings. Use this trend to discuss with your students ways to keep warm, the science of hair growth and nondiscrimination and equality toward outward appearances. Reinforce the lesson with an art activity that can be displayed on the bulletin board instructing each student to create a self-portrait and glue faux fabric cut-outs of moustaches and beards over their faces.

November Bulletin Board Ideas For Teachers

Although most schools may be out of session on the fourth Thursday in November for Thanksgiving, prepare for the celebration of National Parfait Day. Create a parfait glass template for children and instruct them to draw various layers of treats inside the glass such as fruit, ice cream and whipped topping. On each layer, children can write one thing or person they are thankful for and post it onto the bulletin board. Combine display efforts with Thanksgiving by using the length of the board to create a Thanksgiving table. “Seat” each child’s self-portrait around the table and staple the parfait in front of them to appear as dessert for Thanksgiving dinner.

November Bulletin Board Ideas For Preschool

Each year, November 14th is celebrated around the globe as World Diabetes Day. The date pays tribute to Frederick Banting who, in partnership with Charles Best, was responsible for the creation of insulin, which has saved and continues to save the lives of those living with diabetes. Discuss lessons on nutrition relative to low glucose levels and create a Thanksgiving art activity encouraging students to paste together a collage of foods that are diabetic-friendly. The art can be added to the Thanksgiving dinner table bulletin board concept or displayed alone. When creating the “plates” for the activity, color the outer rim of a paper plate with blue crayon or marker before pasting the magazine pictures of low-sugar foods in the center; the blue ring is the symbol for World Diabetes Day.

November Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas

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