Spring Bulletin Board Ideas Preschool

After the long winter, preschool teachers can bring springtime freshness indoors with bulletin board displays that reflect the season. Some great ideas for this include the Easter-themed bulletin board, seeds-of-learning theme, as well as the religious-related theme.

Spring Bulletin Board Idea

With no holidays and dark, dreary winter skies, the stretch between Valentine’s Day and Easter in a preschool classroom can seem like forever. When spring arrives, it is usually welcomed with joy by the students and teacher alike. Not only does spring mean warmer weather and some vacation around the corner, but it also means Easter is very close behind. Welcome spring to your preschool classroom with some bright, cheerful and easy-to-make Easter notice boards.

Spring Bulletin Board Ideas School

Give each child a simple pattern of an Easter egg to colour (see a link for a printable one in the resource section below). Cut out the egg, and attach a photo of the child to the middle of the egg. Alternately, simply write each child’s name on the egg. Put the eggs on the notice board, along with the title, “My Egg-cellent Class!”

Spring Bulletin Board Ideas

Trace each child’s footprint on a piece of pink or white construction paper. Cut out the footprints and glue them to a paper plate as the ears of a bunny. Glue a nose and eyes onto the plate (have a parent cut them out ahead of time) and tape pipe cleaner “whiskers” to the plate as well. Then, hang up the bunny faces on your notice board with the title, “Hoppy Easter!”

Spring Bulletin Board Ideas For Preschool

If yours is a Christian preschool, celebrate the true meaning of Easter by making a large cross on the board. Put the title, “Easter means Jesus loves us!” on the board above the cross. At the bottom of the cross, staple green construction paper flower “stems”. For the flowers, have each child dip his or her hand in colourful paint and press it to the top of a flower stem. Write each child’s name on the stem.

Preschool Spring Bulletin Board Ideas

Moreover, you can also cover the top half of your board with blue paper and the lower half with brown paper. Crumple, and then smooth out, five 12-inch-by-18-inch pieces of tan construction paper to make “seed packets.” Draw a label on each “seed packet” that corresponds with a specific theme or learning area in your preschool classroom. Write “Math Centre” on the label, and add pictures of counting cubes and drawings of equations or “Art Centre” with pictures of paint jars, brushes and crayons. Fashion a stick from half of a cardboard wrapping paper tube. Cut the tube the long way so that the cut half will lay flat against the bulletin board. Make a slit 2 inches from the top in the centre of the “seed packet” and another slit 2 inches from the bottom. Slide the paper roll halves through the slits in each “seed packet,” and staple them side-by-side on your bulletin board. Use punch-out letters, available at teacher supply stores, to spell “Sowing the Seeds of Learning” across the top of your spring bulletin board.

Spring Bulletin Board Ideas Preschool

To further enhance the look and feel, you can cover your bulletin board in yellow paper, and use green punch out letters to spell “Watch Us Bloom and Grow” across the top of the board. Measure the height of the youngsters in your preschool class, and then cut a 4-inch wide rectangular “stem” from green construction paper to match the each measurement. Give the children dinner-size paper plates, construction paper and scissors. Provide cups of springtime-coloured paint and brushes. Let the kids paint the plates and cut construction paper petals to staple to the edges when the plates are dry. Hang each child’s flower on the board attached to his measured stem. Display the kids’ names and height next to the flowers.

Spring Bulletin Boards

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