Teacher Bulletin Board Ideas

Teacher bulletin board can be very useful and they may be able to help the students and the teachers as well for their academics. Various teacher bulletin board ideas can be employed such as making use of the bulletin board as an interactive educational tool, and making the bulletin board as a showcase for students’ works.

Teachers Bulletin Boards

Bulletin board displays not only help to decorate the classroom and make it a more festive environment, but they also can be used to showcase student work, motivate and encourage students and serve as valuable educational tools. If you are a teacher, create a bulletin board display in your classroom that will capture your students’ attention.

Bulletin Board Ideas For Teachers

Make the students in your class feel special by featuring images of them on a bulletin board. Use light-colored paper for the background. Cut out circles from purple construction paper, one for each student in your class. Take a photo of each student’s face, cut the images into circles that are slightly smaller than the construction paper circles and glue the photos onto the circles. Assemble the shapes onto your bulletin board in the form of a bushel of grapes. Cut a square and two ovals from green construction paper and place them on top of the grape bushel, forming a stem and leaves. Write the caption, “What a grape bunch” along the top of the board.

Teacher Bulletin Board Ideas

Encourage your students to read with a bulletin board that highlights books. Create a pond setting on your bulletin board by cutting out a circle and hanging it on the center of the board, surrounding it with green construction paper “grass.” Cut brown construction paper into thin rectangles and hang them on the board above the pond. Suspend lengths of black yarn from the ends of the rectangles, creating the look of fishing poles. Print images of the covers of some of your favorite books, or books that you would like to encourage your students to read, and staple them on top of the pond and on the end of the fishing lines. Print the title, “Fishing for a good book” on the board.

Teacher Bulletin Boards Ideas

You may also make use your bulletin board as an interactive educational tool that will help promote phonemic awareness in your students. Use blue and green construction paper to create grass and a sky on the background of the board. Cut two rectangles from brown paper and hang them in a vertical position opposite one another on either end of the board. Hang a length of yarn or twine between the two rectangles, making a clothesline on the board. Clip small clothespins on the clothesline. Cut out images of different items that rhyme — a cat, a bat, a car, a jar, a dog and a log, for instance — and place them in an envelope. Use a pushpin to hang the envelope to the board. Ask students to empty the contents of the envelope and hang the rhyming pairs side by side on the clothesline.

Teacher Bulletin Boards

Moreover, you can also design a bulletin board display to showcase your students’ work. Create a stage on the board, complete with red fabric curtains. In between the two curtains, place a sheet of black paper and frame it with strips of colorful paper. Along the top of the board, in whimsical print, write, “Now starring” and hang a different student’s work in the frame each week — a writing piece, a math test or any piece of work you believe is appropriate.

Teachers Bulletin Board Ideas

You can use the bulletin board to emphasize academic lessons. It may be difficult to cover and test everything about Leonardo da Vinci, but you can cover some material in class and use the bulletin board to share other information. Consider allowing students to contribute their own facts and ideas, too.

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